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Lysol –  Soup for My Family [BLACK Vinyl] – New LP
Lysol –  Soup for My Family [BLACK Vinyl] – New LP
Lysol –  Soup for My Family [BLACK Vinyl] – New LP
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Lysol – Soup for My Family [BLACK Vinyl] – New LP

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New release from the always kickin Lysol, this their debut long player, the band tuning the punk rock n roll machine in the garage with the no-vocal opener "Intro," tuning it into a tightly bolted primer painted killing machine, ripping open the garage door and hitting the hot asphalt running, fueled up with a high octane mix of garage rock/hard rock/hardcore punk, motoring off like a bat out of hell, burning off punk rippers, spitting out pissed off, rapid dog rhythm like rapid stomping on trash can lids and busting bottles, chucking soup cans at the police cruisers in the rearview, launching into the flipside with short blasts that trim the excess of those long two-minute songs, and funnel into short/loud/fast HC frenzy, edging up to the police blockade for the extended menacing instrumental title track to close the set, pushing up the surge, revving the engine of protest and working it up to a tension and frenzy that recalls elements of The Stooges "Fun House," ACG's "Killer" and Savoy Brown's "Hellbound Train," roaring off into vanishing point.  -- winch (green noise)

"As we break free from the days spent at home, and as the vapid live streams begin to dwindle, the desire for a loud, fast, and loose rock'n'roll sound has never been greater. Well look no further folks, LYSOL are more than just a flammable aerosol cleaner, they're the sonic catalyst for destruction. A frequent fixture on the Seattle and Olympia scenes, Lysol have steadily made a name for themselves - not only through a stack of previous singles and demos, but as an exceptional live band. 'Soup for My Family,' the debut Lysol album, is exactly the moment we've all been waiting for. There's nothing held back in these eleven tracks, not an ounce of bullshit. It's a furious flurry of punk, hardcore, and garage rock. You can practically feel the calloused fingers that created these abrasive guitar licks and powerful rhythm pocket running right up against the most psycho, in-the-red vocals this side of Iggy or Teengenerate. A wailing sax (compliments of former Milk Music-ian Dave Harvey) sends 'Soup for My Family' off into the cosmos - and if you can put yourself back together after that, the turntable may as well stay set at 45 so you can flip this sucker over and remember why you fell in love with rock'n'roll in the first place. 'Soup for My Family' is packaged in a full color gatefold jacket adorned with the original artwork of Lysol's own Xtine Lundberg, plus lyric insert, download code, and hype sticker."

releases July 30, 2021

All songs written and performed by Lysol.
All songs except "Soup for My Family" recorded and mixed by Detto.
"Soup for My Family" recorded and mixed by Capt. Tripps Ballsington / Saxophone played by Dave Harvey.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth.
Cover and back artwork by Xtine Lundberg.
All photographs taken by Che-Hise Gattone.
Layout by Chad Ringo Bucklew and Sam Richardson.
Lysol is: Anthony Gaviria, Xtine Lundberg, Noah Earl F., and Chad Ringo Bucklew.

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