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Lovely Eggs, The – I Am a Moron [IMPORT NEON YELLOW VINYL] – New LP
Lovely Eggs, The – I Am a Moron [IMPORT NEON YELLOW VINYL] – New LP
Lovely Eggs, The – I Am a Moron [IMPORT NEON YELLOW VINYL] – New LP
Lovely Eggs, The – I Am a Moron [IMPORT NEON YELLOW VINYL] – New LP
Lovely Eggs, The – I Am a Moron [IMPORT NEON YELLOW VINYL] – New LP

Lovely Eggs, The – I Am a Moron [IMPORT NEON YELLOW VINYL] – New LP

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2020.  UK import.


I Am Moron, the sixth album by The Lovely Eggs, may just be the ideal antidote to the current chaos. The Lancaster, England-based duo released their debut album back in 2009 and have been blazing a fiercely independent trail ever since. Embracing the DIY mindset, The Lovely Eggs operate without the aid of a manager, booking agent, or record label. It’s an attitude that, coupled with the utterly fantastic music, has earned them a loyal and loving fanbase. 

The band’s sound has, over the years, managed to incorporate everything from the art-punk of Half Japanese and the surrealist writings of Richard Brautigan to the superb silliness of cult comedian John Shuttleworth. Psychedelia has become a more prominent influence since 2018’s Dave Fridmann-produced LP, This is Eggland. Sonically, album opener, “Long Stem Carnations” picks up where that album left off. The sci-fi electronics subside, the song kicks in and we’re hurtling along at 100mph as vocalist/guitarist Holly Ross tells us, “I’m as strong as a Wagon Wheel/I’m connected to how you feel.” Fridmann is back behind the desk and the songs sound huge swathed in his psychedelicized production.

The heart-racing rush of each successive song gives I Am Moron a brilliantly breathless momentum. The band’s humor coupled with a genuine sense of anger and, on occasion, outright disgust. If you follow the band on social media or hear them in interviews, you’ll know how passionate they are. Their gleefully surreal punk infused with urgency. The ridiculously catchy, word association pop of “You Can Go Now” feels like a sonic spring clean as everything and everyone from “microwave meals” to entertainment itself are shown the door. “This Decision” just about takes my head off and finds Ross and drummer David Blackwell (also her husband) providing a raw, beautifully frazzled blast of psych-punk.

“You’ve Got the Ball” takes a bit of a left-turn with a hypnotic, rhythmic mantra that may or may not be about football/soccer. Who cares? It sounds fresh, fun, and completely off-its-rocker. “Bear Pit,” the snarling strop of “I Wanna,” and the manic “24 Eyes” are guaranteed to knock some socks off; cutting to the chase with a triple-header of unrestrained, punk-rock goodness. “The Mothership” is an unexpected moment of calm, the sound of the duo drifting through the lonely vacuum of outer space as Ross sings, “I sleep alone/I just wanna sleep alone.” A brief moment to catch your breath. “Insect Repellent” might just be one of the best tracks here. Lurching into life with a brilliantly heavy groove, “investment opportunities/repellent!/luxury coleslaw/ repellent!”

“The Digital Hair” is just over a minute of psych-punk ranting while “Still Second Rate” perfectly captures the band’s knack for a catchy, energetic art-punk barnburner. Ross explains in the press release: “Second Rate means different things to different people. For some people the idea of a Pot Noodle sandwich would be unthinkable but to David it’s a delicious after-hours snack.” Tuck in!

Like any good hosts, The Lovely Eggs may have just gone and saved the very best for last with the epic, “New Dawn.” The verse pulls us in with a propulsive rhythm as Ross sings about “the solitude of living/the screw that will not turn.” The melancholy morphs into euphoria as the chorus ushers in a new, hopeful dawn. The song ends with the image of Ross in some country kitchen smearing excrement over marble worktops. The first steps towards overthrowing our wealthy, Tory voting overlords? I Am Moron is one of those albums that seems to have arrived at the perfect time; it’s exactly what I needed to hear. I honestly can’t wait for you to hear it.


A1 Long Stem Carnations
A2 You Can Go Now
A3 This Decision
A4 You've Got The Ball
A5 Bear Pit
A6 I Wanna
B1 24 Eyes
B2 The Mothership
B3 Insect Repellant
B4 The Digital Hair
B5 Still Second Rate
B6 New Dawn

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