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Lovesores – Gods of Ancient Grease [MARKED DOWN] – New LP
Dead Beat Records

Lovesores – Gods of Ancient Grease [MARKED DOWN] – New LP

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Lovesores- Gods Of Ancient Grease LP.  A lot has happened since the heyday of the 90's when our belligerent Humpers first stormed the sticky pubs around the world ruling the punk / rock 'n roll scene with an iron fist before burning their candle at both ends and imploding near the tail end of the decade.  After their demise Humpers founder, Scott Deluxe Drake, moved to Portland where he began assembling a group of like-minded heathens to form his newest Rock 'n Roll circus, aptly named the Lovesores.  Fronted by the sneering and charismatic Humpers front man, the Lovesores brandish a similar quality of recklessly shambolic, high- energy riff 'n roll that helped solidify the Humpers as one of the  trailblazers of honest to goodness, no-nonsense Rock 'n Roll.  On their debut LP, ' Gods Of Ancient Grease', the Lovesores offer an explosive, combustible blast of shambolic, rolling  energy and sleazy ragged riffs.   These guys seamlessly channel the brut, first wave sounds of New York City Punk Rock in the late 70’s (specifically the Ramones, New York Dolls, Dead Boys, Heartbreakers and the Dictators) fusing that with the punchy, mid-temp rolling thunder sounds of bands like DMZ, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, the Flamin' Groovies and the Real Kids.   'Gods Of Ancient Grease' brings an authentic dose of inner city sleaze through a heavy arsenal of guitar firepower and mid tempo hooks showcasing the uniquely adrenalizing euphoria that raw, driving Rock 'n Roll can bring if it's played with a bona fide sense of passion, elation, and swagger. And the Lovesores energizingly deliver that here.  The album is produced by Poison Idea's Thee Slayer Hippy who also contributes some hilariously witty liner notes that are included on the LP's insert.



"I first saw the LOVESORES at an Elks Lodge in S.E. Portland Oregon.They were playing with two of my favorite bands in PDX, P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. & The RANSOM(❤). After they played, and impressed I was, I went up to Scott Drake and said "Why you gotta be such an ASSHOLE,dude?" And the response i got was EXACTIY WHAT i WANTED......"Bitch...FUCK YOU!!!"(Total fabrication)
I truly fell in LOVE with the LOVESORES right after the first song! It was a beautiful mash of the Damned, the Dead Boy's and Little Richard. So I dedicated myself to convince them that I,and only I....knew what they should sound like! (Please be listening to the album while you read this...I'll wait...) So I went and started running sound for them,for FREE no less! and started slowly to seduce each member to let ME produce the album. Scott was easy,I placated to his well deserved ego and he melted like butter. Alex was just as easy,I spoke of bad,obscure punk bands and he said "Dude,what the fuck are you talking about?" Adam was a TOTAL slut!! i just complemented his obvious GREAT taste in shoes. Eric had a love for Lucifer, bringer of Light and Knowledge as do i,so that was like butter as well. Saul was a tougher nut to crack.The man is a TRUE artisan. Have you ever seen the guitars the mofo makes? ABSOLUTELY WORKS OF ART!!!.(I'm buttering him up for a 12 string,baritone guitar...SHHHH!) and he is not hearing my bullshit.Yet he came around due to ALL the hot females that came up to him after the gigs and said"I want you to use those fingers on ME!"
Let me tell you something, I'm an asshole and I don"t give a FUCK! At the same time I wish for EVERY human on this planet to realize that YOU are god! YOU give YOURSELF freedom. Not a book or a government! So please,with all do respect,let this album be a soundtrack to YOU realizing"I'm part of the SOLUTION! Not part of thee MOTHAHFUCKIN PROBLEM!"
May you find peace inner peace with the Gods of Ancient Grease...
Milwaukie Oregon,3/8/18

released July 6, 2018

Recorded at The Magic Closet (and kitchen) in Portland, Oregon by Ian Watts and THEE SLAYER HIPPY.

Adam Kattau- Guitars and B-Vox
Alex Fast- Bass and B-Vox
"Boz" Bennes- Drums
Saul Koll- Guitars
Scott "Deluxe" Drake- Yelling and Stomping

Artwork by Tom Spencer
Photography by William Riddle.


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