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Longstocking ‎– Once Upon A Time Called Now [CLEAR VINYL] - New LP
Longstocking ‎– Once Upon A Time Called Now [CLEAR VINYL] - New LP
Longstocking ‎– Once Upon A Time Called Now [CLEAR VINYL] - New LP
Chainsaw Records / Jealous Butcher Records

Longstocking ‎– Once Upon A Time Called Now [CLEAR VINYL] - New LP

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Put out your thumb and let this one pick you up, repressed and pulling up to the curb just in time for Women's Month, or any time for that matter, remastered for your turntable (I don't know what that means but you probably do), Longstocking will yank you into their Econoline van with a friendly firm hand of everything and a keen sense of rhythm and pop, wrenched down tight and moving along fairly fast, plenty of karate chops and rock but the more pop and indie rock side of riot grrrl, maybe showing some Joan Jett and Runaways influences but not really sounding like them, not sounding like Blondie but clearly mixing the pop and rock like Harry and the band, peeling off from the gravel with energy and punk rock urgency, grabbing the blacktop and bouncing you off your rump, starting a few songs with rocking instrumental passages (kinda like old 78s from the days of old), chucking you around in the comforts of the shag-carpeted interior, angle-iron edges poking through to make sure you feel it, this will spill your drink and shove you down but it'll pull you up, pat your back and refill your cup, their pride banner flapping proudly, angry and happy, queer as fuck loud and proud, reissue of 1997 album.. -- winch (green noise records)


Secret treasure of the queercore/riot grrrl era, Longstocking’s Once Upon a Time Called Now was, ironically, the recording with perhaps the broadest commercial appeal. It leaps from the speakers, thanks to the immediacy of guitarist/lead vocalist Tamala Poljak’s pop songcraft and the sharp angularity and surging energy of the four-piece’s rock musicianship. Remastered for turntables, Longstocking’s debut is a record of 1997 with 2020 vision. In fact, the title couldn’t be more accurate: Once Upon a Time… is ready for right now.

released February 5, 2021

Once Upon a Time Called Now was recorded, mixed and mastered by Bill Sanke, Downtown Los Angeles, June 1997.
We recorded and mixed it in 5 days on a budget of $2000.

Donna Dresch released the first edition of this recording on CD on her label Chainsaw Records in 1997.

Remastered for vinyl by Bill Sanke. Lacquer cut by David Cheppa at Plush Vinyl. Art by Nathan Paul Rice. Hand-lettering by Arrington de Dionyso.
Band photo by Jennifer Roper. Layout by Tamala and Rob.

Longstocking is:
Tamala Poljak • vocals and guitar
David Gomez • bass
Sherri S. Solinger • drums
Woody Stevenson • guitar and backing vocals

All lyrics written by Tamala Poljak.
All songs written by Tamala Poljak and Longstocking.
Natalie Woodlawn co-wrote the lyrics on Jehu on a Rollercoaster.

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