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Leopardo -  Malcantone [RED VINYL] – New LP
Leopardo -  Malcantone [RED VINYL] – New LP
Leopardo -  Malcantone [RED VINYL] – New LP
Feel It Records

Leopardo - Malcantone [RED VINYL] – New LP

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Limited RED-VINYL edition.

Another essential listen from Feel It Records, a bit of oddball and a lot of awesome as usual from this label, LEOPARDO from Fribourg, Switzerland, chiming through the fuzz and distortion with ESL vocals and loads of jangle, likely influenced by Syd Barrett and VU and reminding me a bit of one of my other favorite bands, Worthwhile Way from Japan, except unlike that band, this is much less optimistic and much more drenched in melancholy, an uneasiness running through the entire set...yet along with unsettling elements, this also has a comforting quality, like butter spread across bread, sitting on the davenport in the basement, like a paper-plate dinner with only the people you really like the most, natural as a makeshift show in a cracked-cement lot with 3 skateboard kids in the background...unlike so many that surfaced in the swells of interest in Velvet Underground over the decades, this also learned from punk, doesn't let some strive for perfection clog up the whole thing with intentions that get in the way of making good music.  Unlike some quirky garage-pop outings, this has a heavy cloud hanging overhead, and while that is usually more other people's things than my own, there are heaps of exceptions, when it's good it's good, and this features some lifting of the blanket of melancholy, the female background vocals come in like rays of sunshine and instruments like whiffs of fresh breezes, and whenever it seems to be getting too heavy, they notch up the tempo and hop on a beep-beep get-out-of-my-way ride in a open-door StepVan and head off through the fog toward a beach where the sun might not be shining but friends are certainly waiting.  It always seems an attempt to lift out of the gloom, and clearly does this on several songs, but the sequencing is interesting, instead of resolution, we are intentionally left with the unsettling elements.  As this is with movies that do the same, that helps let the music linger long after the needle lifts.


And the remedy I have found, is to simply listen to it again.  (In fact, I listened to this so much that I overextended my Bandcamp until they said no more, but now that I got the vinyl, I can listen to it all the time.  If you end up liking this on digital, you'll love it to death when you hear the analog sounds.) -- winch (green noise) 

"Somewhere in the elastic universe of speculative ontology a troupe of well-mannered Euros saw the June 1st, 1974 concert in London, took this sole germ back to the serene Swiss Alps (birthplace of LSD) and fecundated it with honesty - like some lifelong lysergic therapy session - until they emerged saturated with colors no one knows the name of, dripping of colors that sound like motions known solely to them. And now they've invited the rest of the world to hear. Upon first listen I was reminded of how exciting those Jeffrey Novak solo albums were - delicate pop music accessible to us, uh... malcontents. Providing the mids between Eno's highs and Ayers' lows, it's a stunning display of both art and artisanship, and like a kid who aces his test without studying, it seamlessly incorporates the crisp aural aesthetic of Chrome and layered nonchalance of Velvet Underground without stepping into the gated communities of those bands' wannabees. Echoes of Morton, Cale, Barrett... a madcap laughing, white heat from warm jets in the eyeball of hell... And yet, it sounds only like Leopardo. Make sure you listen to it seven times in a row like I did."
-Brandon Gaffney

released June 11, 2021

Leopardo are :
Romain Savary : Guitar, banjo, keys, vocal
Radiana Basso : Keys, synth, percussion, backing vocal
Giuliano Iannarella : Guitar, backing vocal, percussion
Noah Sartori : Bass, backing vocal
Blaise Yerly : Drums, percussion, backing vocal, banjo
Marco Guglielmetti : percussion on "Throwback in the snow"
Michael Francey : drum machine on "Hardship"
Julie Bugnard: backing vocals on "St. Bernard".

Produced by Leopardo and Marco Guglielmetti.
Recorded by Marco Guglielmetti in Spazio Morel, Lugano.
Mixed by Marco Guglielmetti in Breno, Malcantone.
Mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago.
Cover artwork by Gustave Didelot.
Graphic by Federica Camerini e Filippo Colombo.



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