Hussy, The - Looming - New LP
Hussy, The - Looming - New LP
Hussy, The - Looming - New LP
Hussy, The - Looming - New LP
Hussy, The - Looming - New LP
Dirtnap Records

Hussy, The - Looming - New LP

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Green Noise exclusive: 160 opaque yellow vinyl!

The Hussy - Looming LP (Dirtnap)

"This band is an explosive can of trick snakes on every song on this record.  Sometimes you get girl group garage stuff, sometime you get full throttle synth buzzing psyche-punk, but whatever it is you get rest assured it is played with a lot of gusto and charisma.  You can say a lot about The Hussy but boring isn’t EVER one of them.  Great record!" - JC (Audio Ammunition)

Catalog Number: ZZZ-161.  Format: LP/CD

Track List:

1. Coast
2. Have To Hide
3. Down In The Dirt
4. No Credit
5. Sorry
6. Tower
7. Better Stuff
8. Hung Up (Circle)
9. Tyler’s Jazz Odyssey
10. Ode To Self
11. Erase/Her
12. Cornflakes
13. History Lesson – Part III
14. Be My Girl
15. That’s The Way It Is (It Is)
16. Rewind

At the end of 2018, The Hussy started tracking their new LP, Looming, the follow-up to their fifth studio album, Galore (2015 - Southpaw Records). Galore saw the band move into a more focused direction with earnest mid-fi production and added arrangements, while still keeping true to Bobby and Heather's knack for writing catchy pop morsels. Looming takes the band in a decidedly dismal and defiantly dark direction. It tackles topics such as death, sudden loss, divorce, addiction and these politically times we live in. The record is 16 tracks of trash-pop that run the entire gamut of punk-rock-n-roll. There are spacey leads, heavy sonics, slicing rhythms and generally gnarly sounds all tucked beneath The Hussy's patented blanket of hook. This is the "new" heavier three-piece version of The Hussy, but the band hasn't lost any of it's knack for a sugar sweet melodies. Looming will be released by Dirtnap Records in Fall of 2019 and the band will be embarking on US and European Tours.

The Hussy formed as a duo in Madison, WI during in June 2008. Fronted by both Bobby Hussy (Guitar/Vocals) and Heather Hussy (Drums/Vocals), the band carved a trash-punk path through the 2000s into the 2010s playing shows alongside contemporary peers and timeless classics such as Mudhoney, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Reigning Sound, The Black Lips, King Khan & BBQ, The Faint, Tenement....and way too many more to all mention here. Known for their intensely chaotic live shows, The Hussy quickly gained a cult following in the Midwestern underground.  After the release of the band's classic and long sold-out sophomore LP, Weed Seizure (2012 - Tic Tac Totally), they played pinnacle garage rock festival Gonerfest in Memphis. The band is slated to play Gonerfest 16 later this year. In 2014 The Hussy pulled double duty as both the opening and backing band for punk rocker NOBUNNY through tours of the US and Australia/New Zealand. Bobby Hussy has since moonlighted with Nobunny on-and-off as bass player extraordinaire during a 2018 European Tour and some US tour dates.

The Hussy's hyper-prolific output has spanned 20+ different record labels and every format imaginable. Both Bobby and Heather write songs and contribute equally to the project. Nearly all releases have been tracked by Bobby Hussy himself. In 2015 The Hussy added Tyler Fassnacht (Fire Heads, Proud Parents, T.S. Foss) as an official full-time third member to help fill out the sound. Now bolder and noisier than ever, The Hussy is exciting old and new fans alike with scuzz-pop gems chock full of hooks that rot and stick.

Bobby and Heather have spent the last few years performing and touring in a few other Midwestern projects. Heather's jangle pop outfit Proud Parents released an LP via Dirtnap Records in 2018. Bobby's synthwave post-punk band, Cave Curse, released an LP via FDH Records and P. Trash in late 2017. Bobby also performs in Fire Heads with Tyler Fassnacht and they are currently releasing records via Big Neck Records.

January 2019: "Here in the midwestern tundra, January can be a sleepy time for shows by touring bands, but no matter where or when Madison garage punks the Hussy play a gig, they heat things up—or even set them on fire. Guitarist-vocalist Bobby Wegner (who also runs DIY label No Coast) estimated that since he and drummer-vocalist Heather Sawyer joined forces in the summer of 2008, he’s set his instrument ablaze about 100 times. Bobby Hussy, is plenty twisted, but it comes out in waves of ecstatic feedback and grimy, fuzzed-out guitar, which he uses to fan the flames of feel-good punk-rock chaos. They’ll make it worth your while to leave home on a cold winter night." 

"The best scuzzy rock'n'roll bands make it look easy, but it isn't...Heather Hussy's vocal work is dynamic—the perfect foil to the track's instrumental barrage, with no need to lean on some flashy guitar solo. The power here is in speed and volume; with a solid "WOO!" at the finish." PITCHFORK 

"The Hussy hail from what the psych-punk duo describes as “the politically charged cheese rectum that is Madison, Wisconsin,” but Bobby and Heather Hussy’s surf-squall sounds born of the same West Coast garages where Ty Segall and crew conjure vast volumes of fuzz." SPIN 

"Bobby and Heather Hussy are really good at writing songs that ramp up aggression...Their tambourines and acoustic guitar offer an ideal contrast to their fuzz pedals...they're writing strong, catchy songs.  PITCHFORK 

 "Kicks in the face. Guitars on fire. Catchy psychedelic punk that shakes you. Madison duo the Hussy is getting so good at what it does it may not stay underground for long." MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL

"The Hussy, a punk duo from Madison, Wisconsin reads like a flashback jingle from the era pre-Drake and his overproduced cronies. The Hussy bring purity back to rock and roll...hum-along sweetness anyone who owns a Squeeze record will appreciate." 

"They are catchy and upbeat, which i always like. They're also raw and very lo-fi, which I also happen to like. The fact that they have the male/female competing vocals just seals the deal, I am not kidding you. From Madison, Wisconsin, This is the Shit." MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL

"This awesome slab of trash genius is guaranteed to cause mass Huss-teria at your high school dance, book club, circle jerk, PTA meeting, rumble, yoga class, or any other gathering where you are ready to get things batshit out of control. Best thing created in Wisconsin since they constructed the turrets on the Mars' Cheese Castle." ROCTOBER

"Just when we were starting to think the world didn't need another retro-tinged garage band, the Hussy come along and prove the world needs at least one more."  THE BOSTON PHOENIX 

"This is super fun pop-punk that's lyrically clever and musically talented. The Hussy is total rock, complete with sleazy, distorted solo-ing and bizarre, chant-like lyrics that are almost provocative, but instead make no sense - which rules because it makes it super easy to bounce around to and not be bored." -MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL



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