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Hussy, The -  I See Just Fine - New 7"
Hussy, The -  I See Just Fine - New 7"
Hussy, The -  I See Just Fine - New 7"
Hussy, The -  I See Just Fine - New 7"
Big Neck Records

Hussy, The - I See Just Fine - New 7"

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The first single by The Hussy as a power trio! Three fuzzy punkers! Lots of bite but plenty of hook!

Madison, Wisconsin’s own The Hussy returns with a world premiere listen to their new 7″ from Big Neck bringing their latest ringers with “I See Just Fine”, “Erase/Her” & “Better Stuff”. With Bobby Hussy & Heather Hussy reigning as a duo for nearly a decade now with five albums, 10 singles, a bunch of tapes, a 10″ & upwards of 500 plus shows; their new 7″ is the first to feature The Hussy as a trio with the addition of Tyler Fassnacht rounding out their sound. The influential artists continue to keep the garage torch blazing to keep the Midwest underground inspired & forever thriving.
Get to know The Hussy as you’ve never heard them before as an official, bonafide trio as they present the premiere of a single that pertains to subjects of sight & vision. “I See Just Fine” is Heather, Bobby & Tyler telling off the optometrist as the group stands by their own unique senses & sets of unrelenting ambitions. This new song from the group also serves as the perfect introduction for newcomers to The Hussy house party fan club that forever celebrates the limitless thrills & possibilities. “I See Just Fine” also serves as a reminder for longtime/lifetime fans of the band to really stop & take a moment of pause to realize just how many other groups from coast to coast, north to south & worldwide have taken their cues of erratic & inspired rock & roll from The Hussy’s prolific output from the past decade. The humble Madison band has arguably influenced the Bay Area, Memphis, Los Angeles, NYC, Richmond (VA), Chicago, Philly, Jersey & so many other sectors & scenes than we really have time to mention. Do the homework for yourselves, revisit the back catalogs & make sure the volume is cranked to the fullest decibel wattage allowed. The following world debut of The Hussy’s “Erase/Her” summons the spirit of the late Jay Reatard & rumbles with a ferocious majesty to rival the entire GONER roster. Heather, Bobby & Tyler turn over the tables with a whole lotta infectious attitudes & energy that is the epitome & embodiment of everything that anybody wants to hear at a live show. “Erase/Her” is also a prime example of how The Hussy manages to negotiate & reconcile the points between harmonic dissonance and orchestrating pure pop perfection with a sound that won’t be put it in it’s place by anyone, anywhere or at anytime. Everything from the rhythm, crunchy chords & vocals collect in a perfect vortex that spins about in a sweet & serpentine spiral of unrelenting, uncompromising & unapologetic sound. “Better Stuff” highlights Heather Hussy applying the song-writing & rocking focuses on listening to & seeking out better bands, sounds, styles & full on newness in all forms. Complete with an spoken expletive introduction, Heather leads our Hussy heroes through an ultra-economy of a song that is so radical & condensed for the world’s enjoyment that they don’t even bother to let the song run past the minute & a half mark (let alone one minute and 20 seconds for that matter). “Seems like I can’t get enough, hearing all that better stuff,” Heather sings in spirited shouts that is the sound of contemporary era rock guardians saluting the new freshman pop classes that continue to rise from the underground. The Hussy remind us all once again why they are some of the best in the rowdy rock & roll business where they prove to us why we have loved them for the beginning as they forever shine light on the future, past & present of everything we should be paying attention to & more. 

Drums, Vocals - Heather Sawyer
Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Synth - Bobby Hussy
Guitar - Tyler Fassnacht

Artwork by Jim Blaha of The Blind Shake fame.

Recorded/Mixed by Bobby Hussy at Hex Empire
Mastered by Justin Perkins

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