Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones - Stoning Josephine LP
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Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones - Stoning Josephine LP

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"Must be a little nippy in Hades currently because the pride and joy of Algoma, Wisconsin Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones have FINALLY released their new album “Stoning Josephine”. Inquiring minds want to know was it worth the wait? The only acceptable answer to that question is a resounding Hell Ya! I also would have accepted Was Vince Lombardi a great football coach? Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones have been toiling away for eleven plus years in Kewaunee County (the entry way to Door County). The members of this band all have their hands full with life and devote time to their art when time permits. The scheduling of the time allotted for Hue Blanc’s Joyless Ones doesn’t impede them from making great original post modern garage rock (yes, I just made that genre up). Trust me the reason you might not be familiar with HBJO is because they are cleverly hidden behind the East Town Mall, excuse me in one of the most northern outposts of humanity in the great state of Wisconsin (I must remind everyone Wisconsin was on the winning side of the Civil War). HBJO fly the flag of ROCK without borders. I really believe at times their music takes over and they are all just around for the ride. Well at least for me that is how I feel every time I see them live. Never fails I go "Jebus Christ I forgot how great these guys are" and then I go into a trance mesmerized by their tribal forrest beat (not a reference to Mike Zink’s dad). The spirit animal of HBJO is Bigfoot and like Bigfoot these favorite sons of Algoma may be sighted rarely (and sometimes falsely) but always sighted with an impact. What kinda blood courses through the veins of this animal? That science knows nothing about. I will tell you it is the color of Pabst and it is full of The Cheater Slicks, Sonic Youth, Bauhaus, the Scientists, the Cramps, Mudhoney and yes even the Replacements. You argue with the Replacements? I submit to you the last track of “Stoning Josephine”, “Rock of Stability”. That's where I hear the Replacements. Buy this album and help them get off the Most Underrated bands in Wisconsin list. Trust me they would settle for being on Wisconsin’s Most Overhyped bands list. Trust me again, I think they would deserve that (schedules permitting)."
- Timebomb Tom (Anti-Lunatic Squad shows and the Exclusive Co. Green Bay.)

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