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Glow Kit – Naive Antlers – New LP
Glow Kit – Naive Antlers – New LP
Alien Snatch! Records

Glow Kit – Naive Antlers – New LP

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Danish garage rock duo.  black vinyl edition of 200. GLOW KIT been the best kept garage pop secret in Northern Europe for nearly a decade now. We had a buzzing head about debut single & album on the sadly missed P.Trash Records and instanly put this on our top ten list. The danish duo knew how knock out power pop songs in times when Burger Records just started to reissue garage pop records on tape. We´ve been fans all the way and are happy about the roadtrip to Hamburg to see the band live once. That time they had maybe on the best end-of the year songs with "Christmas Daze".Together with their punk alter egos COLA FREAKS and dosed usage of wave elements you could surround JAY REATARDS Matador days with less force for perfection. GLOW KIT songs stick to your ear and it was sad to see them going into a hiatus. They´re back since a while and like NANCY or DANGUS TARKUS it´s way too rough, square, energy-laden for the pop music industry and and too sunny for the frozen crusties genre. On "Naive Antlers" Kasper & Kristoffer rise that pop monster to godzilla size and let it bumble around till turning a north sea beach cabin mojo, shakin´of lo-fi accoustic pop gusts of wind. The super catchy vocals range from shout-out direct mic-to-speaker blasts reminding of the modern DWARVES occasional gems. Next are wavy fireplace heart breakers with arranged intro & outro parts. Years after we asked the band and P.Trash about a record we had recordings in the house! It took one listen to bow in humble adoration of these pop creators. On any later listen we always wonder how they did it, and how on LP length - here are twelve songs of evidence. The best collection of songs "close to be a garage hit" you can imagine, purpose? Record released together with bands orbit record label KANEL, 200 black, double sleeved in uncoated cardboard, artwork from Gert Hoberg. 
OX-FANZINE.DE Issue #147 FEB 2020
Translated from german by computer: 
Looking back over the last decade and
its register of bands from the intersection of garage pop
and wave-punk brand do-it-yourself, as they were primarily
launched by P. Trash and Co. in a tasteful and passionate way,
GLOW KIT are certainly one of these pearls, who whirred underneath the radar.
“Naive Antlers” is also reminiscent of its magnificence:
twelve short eruptions of riffs, multilayered vocal harmonies dripping
with hooks and a robust vintage production. Powerful compositions that
are too sturdy to be labeled as pop, but at the same time too
sun-drenched to justify stamping them as a garage. With Buzzsaw guitars
to the taste of NERVOUS PATTERNS, LOVER! or Rick Cook write GLOW KIT
from the edge of the bed Son gs with bubblegum harmonies in the style of
Katz / Kasenetz and put them in sound corsets by Jay Retard of the
Matador era - treading soundscapes in which an undisguised melancholy
with a hypothermic pop Appeal is crossed, which not only arms itself
with lively wave elements, but also ignites one or the other Greg Sage
memory doom pop cracker.
Im Rückblick auf das letzte Jahrzehnt und dessen Register an Bands aus der Schnittmenge von Garage-Pop und Wave- Punk Marke Eigenbau, wie sie vornehmlich von P.Trash und Co. geschmäcklerisch und mit Herzblut lanciert wurden, sind GLOW KIT sicherlich einer dieser Perlen, die unberechtigt unter dem Radar schwirrten. Auch „Naive Antlers“ erinnert wieder an ihre Großartigkeit: zwölf kurz gehaltene Eruptionen aus Riffs, mehrschichtigen und vor Hooks triefender Vocal-Harmonien und einer robusten Vintage-Produktion. Kraftvolle Kompositionen, die zu kernig sind, um als Pop gelabelt werden zu können, gleichermaßen aber zu sonnendurchfl utet, um die Abstempelung als Garage zu rechtfertigen. Mit Buzzsaw-Gitarren nach Gusto von NERVOUS PATTERNS, LOVER! oder Rick Cook schreiben GLOW KIT von der Bettkante Son gs mit Bubblegum-Harmonien im Stil von Katz/Kasenetz und stecken diese in Sound-Korsett von Jay Retard der Matador-Ära – beschreiten also Klanglandschaften, in denen eine unverhohlene Schwermut mit einem unterkühlten Pop-Appeal gekreuzt wird, der sich eben nicht nur mit quirligen Wave-Elementen bewaffnet, sondern auch den einen oder andere Greg Sage-Gedächtnis Doom-Pop-Cracker zündet. 8/10 (MB) DEC 2019 Ah merde il rend vraiment accro, quasi obsédé cet album !!! Ce duo danois publie ici son 3ème album et chez ALIEN SNATCH RDS (KANEL étant apparemment la création de GLOW KIT pour sortir leur 2ème album suite à la ‘faillite de P.Trash Rds qui avait publié leur 1er) ils se sont jetez judicieusement dessus ! Quel pied ! Évidement au vu du label qui édite ce disque j’ai un a priori favorable au moment de la 1ère écoute. Et j’ai immédiatement beaucoup aimé ce que j’ai entendu ! En plus j’ai été agréablement surpris puisque musicalement je ne m’attendais pas à cette sorte de Power Pop modernisée, flirtant parfois avec une certaine esthétique Indie pourtant cette pochette aurait pu m’orienter vers cette piste. Donc dès le début j’ai eu envie de repasser ce disque souvent ! Si GLOW KIT ont retenu les leçon des RENTALS / WEEZERS ils savent surtout (et contrairement à leurs modèles) proposer un album imparable de bout en bout ! Avec une collection de 12 chansons qui se collent toutes au fond de votre cervelet et qui reviennent vous obséder très souvent ! Un disque parfait pour la bagnole, chanter sous la douche, faire du air guitar, déguster quelques spiritueux bien corsés ou faire votre repassage ! Super délectable, varié et, équilibré, euphorisant, sexy… le meilleur anti dépresseur du marché !!!! (BT) (ITA) Feb 2020 Jay Reatard ha portato il weird garage nell’alveo del pop. A dieci anni dalla morte dobbiamo essergliene ancora grati: giornalisti, appassionati di certi suoni e band sparse nei quattro angoli del pianeta. Tipo il duo danese che ha esordito proprio nel 2010 con la P. Trash dell’indimenticato Peter Eichhorn. Invero qui siamo più dalle parti del college rock: il pezzo d’apertura See Your Friends About It è pura melodia ma a una certa le chitarrine miagolano come gattini acciaccati dal tram. È l’inizio di un gran disco weird alt pop che prosegue nella media fedeltà di Tripping Away, nelle melodie beatlesiane coperte da lava sonica di All I Could…, nella brina acustica di Let Your Hair Down. Meravigliosamente ingenui e felici, come cantono in Naive che pare una ghost track di un best postumo dei PUSA (MG)


released November 1, 2019

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