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Freak Genes -  Hologram [SILVER VINYL] – New LP
Freak Genes -  Hologram [SILVER VINYL] – New LP
Feel It Records

Freak Genes - Hologram [SILVER VINYL] – New LP

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Another stellar set from this UK outfit, the skin of electronic robots growing over them as the years go by, embracing that while shaking it off to rattle the bones, shaking up the human blood inside to keep it pumping, quite a bit different than the last ones, quite a bit like them, maybe returning to more of the frantic paranoia of the third album, but also settling into their signature sounds like we heard on the fourth set, pounding square pistons into cylinders, yanking the rip chord, kicking the powerplant into action...along with punk, post-punk and no wave influences, possible influences surfacing this time might include Tubeway Army, Roxy Music, Sparks, Moroder, and Talking Heads, another essential listen for fans. -- winch (green noise)

>How much longer can we (LIVE)…if we’re only an (IMAGE)? That’s the question Freak Genes (FG) pose in their new album Hologram. Put down your electric scriber. Answers on wax only. Discover the difference between manifest and (MIRAGE), solid and (SHAPELESS), real and (INFORMATION_REDACTED).

But here is what we actually know: Freak Genes are Charlie Murphy (LIFE_FORMS, GAMMA, FRESH_SPECIMEN, ISOLATION) and Andrew Anderson (PROTO_IDIOT, KAKE?). Hologram is their (FIFTH) album. The (LABEL) is Feel It Records. The playing length is (INFORMATION_REDACTED). There are (THIRTEEN) tracks.

And here is what might well be: this is for fans of (THE_UNITS, FAD_GADGET, FURTHER_INFORMATION_REDCATED).

Find them and find out from (RELEASE DATE).

released August 19, 2022

Freak Genes are Charlie Q Murphy and Andrew K Anderson.
All songs written by CQ Murphy and AK Anderson.
Recorded by CQ Murphy, AK Anderson, and Phil J Booth.
Drums by PJ Booth.
Vocals on Hologram, New Crime, and The Future is Mine by Ketty M Marinova.
Synth solo on New Crime by Jonathan R Meager.
Mixed and mastered by Mikey D Young.
Artwork by CQ Murphy.
Design by Viktoriya V Staykova.


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