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Diode –  S/T – New LP
Diode –  S/T – New LP
Under the Gun Records

Diode – S/T – New LP

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sexy no-wavey synth basement punk from the city of angles, circuit boards and eyeballs, stripped down to skinned knees and underpants and kicking it out.  2022 pressing of 2020 cassette, another essential listen from Under the Gun Records.

Members of Freakees, Shark Toys, Rearranged Face, Wild Wing, Vaguess, Fernando and the Teenage Narcs, etc.

released September 18, 2020

Kiana - Vox
Theo - synth bass
Bill - axe
Vinny - Drums/ synth

Arte by Kiana

Recorded by Theo, Vinny, Max G
"Diode is a synth-punk group from Los Angles that seems like a one-off side project for its four members. Vocalist Kiana plays in Freakees and does their artwork, and she made the cover for Diode’s self-titled debut EP as well. She’s joined on guitar by Bill Gray of Shark Toys (and way back when, The Mae Shi). Diode members have also been in Rearranged Face, Wild Wing, Vaguess and Fernando & the Teenage Narcs. For such a illustrious crowd it’s no wonder that the quality of these 8 blasts of ingenuity is just as good as Gee Tee or any of the other groups in that current genre space. Came out last year on Refry, but sometimes you just got to catch up."
"Diode Is A Los Angeles Synth Punk Fever-Dream Featuring Members Of The Freakees, Shark Toys, Vaguess, And Wild Wing. Their 2020 Self-Titled Release Serves As A Perfect Addition To A Time Capsule From The Disastrous Year In Which It Was Made. The Music Is Paranoid And The Instruments In Constant Conflict With One Another, Topped With The Snotty And Sardonic Vocals By KT Green. While It Obviously Draws From The Past—The Screamers, Kleenex, Etc— It Sounds Like It Could’ve Been Made Any Time Between The Late 70s And Present Day And Would Be Equally As Jarring And Confusing To The Listener At Any Point In Time. You’re Either In By The End Of The Intro On The Opening Track, Or You’re Out. Bon Voyage!"

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