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Die Hoffnung – Love Songs – New CD
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Die Hoffnung – Love Songs – New CD

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"Lo these years, the ship known as Marburger has been at sea, charting new waters and new lands. Ten years of weeping prepared the world for this moment, the triumphant return of I HATE MYSELF. For those that held onto "the hope" of a reunion, banish the thought. The good ship Marburger never ceased its voyage; mere moniker alterations created subterfuge. Pung, I Hate Myself, Burnman, die Hoffnung. All things are revealed. Startling literacy and breathtaking, snaking, weaving lines cradle the brain. Grunions, whales, and bats slither, dive, and flitter. They could not locate a bass player, so they forged on without. The sounds are large and open, drums echo from the far corners of the room, guitars weave and stab. Tips of the hat to Shellac! ....or.... Jim and Jon Marburger used to run a show called I HATE MYSELF. This record is BAD ASS. Anything else you need to know, just ask."

Jim Marburger - guitar, vocals
Jon Marburger - drums

Jon Marburger and Jim Marburger play Chet and Penelope II exclusively.

Recorded by Ronnie Cates, July 2005. Mastered by Mike Maines.

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