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Dark Meditation – Polluted Temples [BLACK & WHITE HAND-POURED VINYL] - New LP
Dark Meditation – Polluted Temples [BLACK & WHITE HAND-POURED VINYL] - New LP
Satanik Royalty Records

Dark Meditation – Polluted Temples [BLACK & WHITE HAND-POURED VINYL] - New LP

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  • LP Black and White/Black hand pour 
    • Artist: Dark Meditation
    • Title: Polluted Temples 
    • Genre: Rock/metal
    • Label: Satanik Royalty Records
    DARK MEDITATION may hail from Seattle, but their sound is steeped in traditions associated with other corners of the globe—England’s working-class cities, frosty Scandinavian towns, Southern California meccas of the ‘80s. Or as the band puts it, DARK MEDITATION sounds like the bastard amalgamation of Venom and Judas Priest fighting it out on the Sunset Strip while Danzig and King Diamond cheer them on. While such reference points may suggest a nexus of evil kitsch and arena-level theatrics, the band’s debut album Polluted Temples comes from a place of down-and-out urgency and punk ethics, adopting the gloomy anthems and riff worship of heavy metal titans for their sonic exorcisms rather than their rock n’ roll panache. It’s an album that basks in big hooks, righteous guitar work, and an arena-level stomp without compromising any grit, grime, or guts.

    10 tracks of Dark Heavy Metal. 'Polluted Temples' encompasses the fury of early Black Metal, the gloomy atmospherics of Death Rock combined with Sunset Strip swagger; creating an album wholly it's own.

    "Killer Seattle combo rife with some Venom stomp, storming riffs and some lofty/heavy/dark vibes from singer A.D. Vick. Definitely smatterings of British Steel and Hollywood sleaze, even blasts of black metal all boiled down here into a fine presentation..." — Gimme Metal

    "These Seattle-area rockers combine gothic rock, mid-tempo classic metal, and horror punk tropes to significant effect. Loves of Danzig and Christian Death may find as much to love here as contemporary lovers of Tribulation and In Solitude." — Consequence of Sound

    "Here, mid-tempo hymns are born from occult heavy metal in the vein of Danzig or Mercyful Fate, then sprinkled with Killing Joke’s post-punk gravity, goth rock vibes, and the occasional synth highlight. Taken together, it makes for an intoxicating listen." — Pop Matters

    “It pounds the pulse, drives the head, and the soloing will make you want to hoist those invisible oranges toward the rooftops. Great vocals too, with enough grittiness and extravagant demonic flare to avoid running afoul of the ‘rule’ in our site’s title.” — No Clean Singing

    "This is a band that’s confident in the path it’s following, and it isn’t a well-worn one. Polluted Temples actually gives us hope that 2022 has some upside beyond, “at least it’s not 2021.” — Decibel Magazine

    "Expect killer melodic riffs with socially-conscious lyrics and some serious creepy vibes." — Metal Sucks

    released January 28, 2022

    Recorded at Studio Litho, Mixed at Redroom - June/July 2021
    Recorded and Mixed by Matt Bayles
    Produced by Matt Bayles and Dark Meditation
    Additional Production and Engineering by Will Klintberg
    Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
    All songs by Dark Meditation

    A.D. Vick - Vocals
    Rane - Guitars
    Ian - Guitars and Synth
    JW Mullett - Bass
    Will Klintberg - Drums, Percussion, Backing vocals

    Art and Design by A.D. Vick


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