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Coro Qom Chelaalapi & Lagartijeando  – Campo del Cielo [ORANGE VINYL IMPORT] – New LP
Coro Qom Chelaalapi & Lagartijeando  – Campo del Cielo [ORANGE VINYL IMPORT] – New LP
Coro Qom Chelaalapi & Lagartijeando  – Campo del Cielo [ORANGE VINYL IMPORT] – New LP
Shika Shika Records

Coro Qom Chelaalapi & Lagartijeando – Campo del Cielo [ORANGE VINYL IMPORT] – New LP

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While this focuses on selections of the Argentina folk singing and percussion, some cuts fuse those indigenous sounds with electronic sounds, the latter coming from Lagartijeando I assume.  While electronic music might seem the farthest thing from indigenous folk music, this perhaps helps point out that even electronic music has some clear connection with music from long before humans used electricity to amplify, manipulate and synthesize music. -- winch

Shika Shika is proud to present Campo de Cielo, a collaboration between Coro Qom Chelaalapi and producer Lagartijeando. The release celebrates the 60th anniversary of the indigenous choir from Northwest Argentina, making it the longest-running continuously active musical group in Latin America.

Following their first release together in 2019, Campo del Cielo marks the second collaboration between the choir and producer Matias Zundel. The EP offers 3 tracks produced by Lagartijeando that experiment with Qom traditional sounds within the context of organic electronic downtempo. To complement this, Campo del Cielo includes 3 original unedited recordings of Coro Qom Chelaalapi, recorded by Lagartijeando in Resistencia, Chaco.
About Campo del Cielo:
Campo del Cielo (Field of the Sky) refers to a vast region of northern Argentina located in the Southern Chaco, bordering the provinces of Chaco y Santiago del Estero, that was struck by an iron meteor shower approximately 4000 years ago - the results of an asteroid exploding upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Qom mythology considers the "rocks" (aerolites) to have been drops of sweat from the sun; they were worshiped as such, and it was thought that at daybreak, when the skies were clear, some of these “rocks” would transform into trees (here, the myth suggests a notion of Earth’s fertilization through solar system events). The Qom and neighboring ethnic groups such as the Moqoit y Abipones considered Campo del Cielo to be a site in which the Sun and Earth shared an intimate connection, which could be seen as connection between the terrestrial and celestial, the mundane and the divine. 
released March 17, 2023

All the tracks belong to Qom community
Except “Amanece en el Cielo” written by Lagartijeando & Coro Qom Chelaalapí
Produced & mixed by Lagartijeando
Mastering Matías Parisi
Shika Shika 2023 ®

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