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CLASS -  Epoca de Los Vaqueros – New LP
CLASS -  Epoca de Los Vaqueros – New LP
CLASS -  Epoca de Los Vaqueros – New LP
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CLASS - Epoca de Los Vaqueros – New LP

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Some lost punk gem from the 1970s, influenced by the more idiosyncratic artists and outfits from UK punk and US underground surfacing in the second half of that decade, removed from but influenced by the power pop and especially the glitter rock from the first half of the 1970s... no wait...wrong...this band is from the town of Tucson, Arizona!   Arizona?!   Oh yeah, I hear it now, this was one of those bands from Arizona in the 1980s, not exactly like their mates from that region and scene but close enough for rock n roll!!  I knew I'd heard this record before.  No wait again!  Stop the clocks!  This is from the future!  Future shock!  Future now!  listen to the lyrics!  This is from the era of pandemics and political weirdness, this is from the year of Soylent Green (2022!).  

Tucson AZ - instantly familiar, idiosyncratic to the max...These songs have the requisite crunch / glue ratio and more than anyone else in their idiom, remind me of moments that don’t happen nearly enough, in rock, in life, when your eyes are closed, anywhere. I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to presume the persons responsible for these gems are keen students of the last 40+ years of underground/overground sounds (the good shit anyway), but there’s a singular voice, a defined worldview if you will, somehow cutting through our bland, brutal, grim as fuck moment in history.  -Gerard Cosloy

released October 28, 2022

all songs by CLASS
andy - guitar, vox
jim - bass, vox, keys
ricky - guitar, vox
ryan - drums

recorded at wheelers dealers studios
engineered and mixed by jimenez and CLASS
mastered by guz tomizuka
front and back photos by rosie clements
layout by JR


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