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Cheer-Accident – Here Comes the Sunset [Random COLOR VINYL] - New LP
Cheer-Accident – Here Comes the Sunset [Random COLOR VINYL] - New LP
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Cheer-Accident – Here Comes the Sunset [Random COLOR VINYL] - New LP

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Cheer-Accident have put off death, then faded out, and now… “Here Comes The Sunset”- ?!? When will all of this ending end, you ask? Well, Cheer-Accident’s unending series of endings comes to a close (yet again) with their 24th album – brand new for 2022 – on Friday, February 18th.

What gives? - Peeking through the earglass, it sounds like we’ve got some cutup / schismatic Plastic R&B, something vaguely resembling Eurodance, a coupla minutes of Prog, a dash of melancholia, and a would-be (you know, right up until the "middle section") faithful rendition of a famous song by their fellow (but less drably attired) Midwestern rock band, Cheap Trick.

Join us for a gloriously dismal time as Cheer-Accident’s constitution collapses upon itself once again. You CAN go wrong listening to this. You can go exactly this wrong.

"(Cheer-Accident) fold as many abstruse styles into their songs as possible - without collapsing into a nightmare tangle – and strike a keen balance between angularity and tunefulness - performed with incredible skill and precision." – The WIRE

“Cheer-Accident is worth deliberate investigation.” - NPR: FRESH AIR

“One of the most fascinating creative careers in the modern American underground - in any medium. Imagine a confluence of the grandeur of Yes, the range of This Heat, the irreverence of Ween, the poignancy of Elliott Smith and the mischief of Andy Kaufman, and you’ll be getting close to the net effect of Cheer-Accident’smusical output since its formation in 1981.” - SIGNAL TO NOISE

“Cheer-Accident are the quintessential Chicago post-rock band... a higher-brow variety of avant-rock that covers ground as diverse as falsetto vocal vignettes, orchestral dissonant horn lines, Van Dyke Parks-ian rainy-day pop, cubist piano compositions, ambient cinematic excursions, noise collages, free-form freakouts, and every kind of noodley and angular guitar manifestation possible.” - PITCHFORK

+ Available in a randomly-mixed Colored Vinyl edition and Jet-Black Vinyl Edition
+ Both LP editions include hand-marked, Japan-style “Footlong OBI”
+ Features CHEER-ACCIDENT’s faithful rendition (right up until the middle part) of CHEAP TRICK’s “Dream Police”.
+ Ultimate Edition includes Glass-Mastered CD resting in a high-gloss DIGIPAK.


releases February 18, 2022

Dante Kester - snarlbass (1), bassbass (3,6), electricity (4)
Amelie Morgan - keyboards (3, 4), oboe (6)
Jeff Libersher - guitar (1, 3, 4, 6)
Thymme Jones - drums (1-6), vocals (1, 3, 4, 6), keys (1, 2, 4, 5, 6), trumpet (1, 4, 5), mouth trumpet (4), chair (4)
Mike Hagedorn - trombone (3)
Carmen Armillas - vocals (3), b-vox (1)
Cory Bengtsen - baritone sax (1)
Julie Pomerleau - violin (2), viola (2)
Sophia Uddin - violin (3)
Erin Casey - flute (4)

The end of track 5 features that machine with the soul-shredding sound that they use to reface buildings (at 7:00AM).

Recorded completely in Chicago, completely in Humboldt Park (2 locations), and mostly in the teens of the 21st Century.

Artwork by Jim Drummond and Mark Fischer

All songs published by Complacency (BMI), with the exception of track 3 published by Self Taut Music

Mastered by Todd Rittmann at Shy Diamond Studio


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