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Blunda, Christian - Funky Punks in Space - New LP
Blunda, Christian - Funky Punks in Space - New LP
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Blunda, Christian - Funky Punks in Space - New LP

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IT'S HERE!!! Synth punk from Mr. Mean Jean, the set featuring loads of cuts that fans of the Mean Jeans will dig for days, but also stretching the sounds like a glob of Bazooka Joe, stretching the sounds like a Slinky out to outer space, hooked to the pole called Ramonescore like a rope on a teether ball at Rock n Roll High School, nailed down to the ground with the tethers built by the Ramones but blasting off in a rocket space built during the days of Sputnik and Apollo launches!!!  I was looking forward to hear this, knew Green Noise had to stock it, but figured it was a novelty I didn't need to own myself, but I gotta have more faith in Brother Blunda, instantly added this to my own collection (which you gotta be careful about, learned that lesson as a teenager selling toot, don't get hooked on your own junk if you don't want to go broke...but sometimes, you wrap your back teeth around the tip of the Bic pen, yank out the innards and go to town.)  Slap this platter on your record player and kick over that tray of the Soylent Green crackers, crank this one and cram your pockets full of Space Sticks, launch yourself into the future of tomorrow's yesterdays, splash down into the summer of 2022.  Go-go-go!!! -- winch


Socially distanced and feeling the party-pooper pinch of the ‘pandemonic’, Christian Blunda (also known as Mean Jeans’ singer and guitar slinger, Billy Jeans) hardly recognized himself or the prison-like world shrinking / melting all around. Lucky for us, he emerged from the proverbial funk with this new project, encapsulating his past, while rocketing off to new far-flung cosmic turf, including: hyper punk, sci-fi pop and Hi-NRG slappers.

From fronting pogo-punk maestros the Means Jeans, to his synth-bliss kick with Touchy, Christian Blunda has consistently made good on delivering the ear-worm-grade goods. Now, Christian’s songbook expands to further dimensions on Funky Punks in Space, his new solo debut–slash–concept album, showcasing the vast and tripped-out, full-span of his sonic universe, and at 45 RPM baby! Recorded alone at home, in stark contrast to its hi-fi slam, these 9 tracks are at times punky and other times funky, synth-heavy anthems performed to the maximum. Set your coordinates for the pop-fueled territory of Phil Lynott’s Solo in Soho cross-faded with a Jeff Lynne Ramone clone to arrive in the Funky Punks In Space zone.

It’s a square world, but what’s next? For Christian it’s this party platter in zero gravity kinda vibe. Grab your shit and check it out!
releases April 20, 2022

Performed & recorded by Christian Blunda
Drums by Max Kuehn
Mixed & mastered by Wyatt Blair
Artwork by Christian Blunda & Andrew Shuta
Cut at Welcome to 1979
Pressed at Blue Sprocket

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