Holiday, Billie  - Stay with Me - New LP
Holiday, Billie  - Stay with Me - New LP
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Holiday, Billie - Stay with Me - New LP

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European reissue of 1958 album, recorded in 1955, this reissue with a bonus track recorded in 1957--"Say It Isn't So" (Irving Berlin).  Includes original liner notes and new liner notes.  Produced by Norman Granz.

Cozy Cole, drums; Billy Bauer, guitar; Billy Taylor, least that's what the sleeve claims (Ron Wynn's review below calls out other players).  Both call out Charlie Shavers.

"Featuring recordings from February 1955 and released in 1958, Stay with Me is a late entry in Billie Holiday's career. She was fading, but hadn't lost the dramatic quality in her delivery, nor her ability to project and tell a shattering story. She's backed by trumpeter Charlie Shavers, pianist Oscar Peterson, guitarist Herb Ellis, bassist Ray Brown, and drummer Ed Shaughnessy." Ron Wynn


"Stay With Me may not be as well known as Lady Sings the Blues or Lady in Satin, but it is arguably the most underrated of Billie Holiday's final series of LP's. As on those other records, Holiday's voice is worn out by years of abuse and ill health, but she retains her skill from timing, rhythm, and her signature flair for melancholic drama. Meanwhile, she is backed by an absolutely stellar band, most notably trumpeter Charlie Shavers, who punctuates every track with wonderful improvisation without overpowering the singer's fragile voice. The best track here, for my money, is "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm," but "I Wished on the Moon" and "Ain't Misbehavin'" are also among the most enjoyable tracks Lady Day recorded during her time at Verve." - Kenneth Bridgham

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