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Bad Bad Men – Messed Up – New LP
SPEED! Nebraska Records

Bad Bad Men – Messed Up – New LP

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Hard driving rock n roll from Omaha...the album seeming to have an arc, like a pulp novel or drive-in movie, well maybe not in the sense of the narrative but in the way they approach and attack the music, tooling into it like hitting the highway and then crashing through like Mad Max through the trailer walls of a semi-truck...let out the sails, let it rip and let it roar... the powerplant driving it probably built from parts wrenched from engines built by a diverse bunch of bands like the Stooges, Oblivians, Mudhoney, Sabbath, Golden Earring, Motorhead...eight-tracks chucked into the trunk of an old Fury and brought out to the two-lane blacktops of the Great Plains. -- winch

Recorded and mixed by Adam Roberts at ARC, Omaha, NE
Mastered by Mikey Young
Cover painting by Nathan Wolf

Bad Bad Men are:
Wolf - Guitar & Vocals
Siebken - Drums
Hug - Bass



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