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Richman, Jonathan – SA – New LP
Richman, Jonathan – SA – New LP
Richman, Jonathan – SA – New LP
Richman, Jonathan – SA – New LP
Richman, Jonathan – SA – New LP
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Richman, Jonathan – SA – New LP

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"SA the root note in Indian ragas was what Ramakrishna, the much
beloved mystic, told his spiritual students to search for underneath
all things of this world."

released October 1, 2018

(transcribed from Jonathan Richman's handwritten credits)
The Credits
Co-Produced by: Jonathan Richman, Jerry Harrison, and Nicole Montalbano
Tommy Larkins plays drums on “My Love She Is From Somewhere Else”, “O Mind! Let Us Go Home”, “A Penchant For The Stagnant”, “O Mind! Just Dance!”, “This Lovers’ Lane Is Very Narrow”, & “¡Alegre Soy!”

Jake Sprecher plays drums on: the first “SA” and he and Kelly Houston sing on it

Nicole Montalbano plays tambura on this and on 2 3 4 6 7 10 5 & 12
Pat Spurgeon plays percussion on 2 5 7 and 8

Jerry Harrison plays Mellotron on 2 5 and 7, harmonium on 4 6 9 and 12, and clavinet on 3 & 10

Rachel Hoiem, Indianna Hale, Bob Thayer and David Menendez Alvarez sing on “¡Alegre Soy!”

And Aishlin Harrison, Tracy Blackman & Lynn Asher sing on “O Mind! Just Dance” and you can hear Elizabeth Edmonds, Jesse De Natale and Jerry Harrison in the background there.

“SA” was recorded (the first one was) at Origami Lounge Studios in Chico, California by Scott Barwick

And 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 and 12 were all recorded at Coyote Hearing Studios in Oakland, California recorded by Charles Gonzalez and Rex Shelverton

And… “The Fading Of An Old World”, “Yes, Take Me Home” and “And Do No Other Thing” were done at Sausalito Sound with Karl Derfler and Jerry engineering it.

And these songs were put in their order by Allan Mason who recorded “Girlfriend” and “Modern World” for the Modern Lovers demo record way back when.

"SA is Richman’s 17th album, an eccentric yet honest, poetic album where he sings about everything from love, dancing, and even a creative point of view from a dog.  It’s simply art put to music.

"Album title track “SA” opened up with a relaxed, island-y feel and had Richman singing of focus and love without hesitation.  The sitar, at least that is what it sounded like to me, complimented Richman’s strumming.

"Subtle quirks were heard in Richman’s pitch throughout “The Fading Of An Old World”.  This track really had a lot going on musically when you sit back and listen.  On top of it, Richman did what he does best in flowing ample and intense lyrics throughout.

"“O Mind! Let Us Go Home” held as an eccentric tune that had some likable psychedelic qualities.  The jazzy drumming behind the tambura playing kept things beyond mysterious.

"Richman sounded so youthful in “O Mind! Just Dance”, a track that seemingly was a continuation of the previous ‘O Mind’ track.  This experimental track became one of my favorites the moment Richman just started opening up and going on a positive tangent about not worrying.  I loved how he seemingly turned his attention and spoke to the audience halfway through asking everyone to forget and dance.

"“¡Alegre Soy!” was just amazing as it was a peppy, cheerful song.  Sung mostly in Spanish, the song really just built up so well.  I instantly adored the track the moment Richman just started doing a spoken word about how happiness surrounded his life.  I could hear him smiling as he spoke about always being happy in his life for the most part.  Once the track ended, I was just left with such a good feeling in my heart.

"“Yes, Take Me Home” was easily my favorite track off this release.  As someone who has rescued a dog more than once, I because almost a little emotional listening to Richman speak as a sheltered canine with an undisclosed past.  I loved the harmonium playing accompanying Richman’s guitar, but I just wish I knew if the dog was taken home.

"“And Do No Other Thing” was an instant classic for me.  Songs like this one were what turned me into a Richman fan in the first place.  It was romantic yet blunt with completeness especially when everyone came together at the end.

"This album, in my opinion, was far more entertaining and good-spirited than the last making for a great listen.  Richmond, at times, sounded as if he got lost in the moment more than once and did not once chance his approach at what he was born to do: Entertain." -- Broken Headphones

1 Sa
2 My Love She Is From Somewhere Else
3 The Fading Of An Old World
4 O Mind! Let Us Go Home - Poet Unknown
5 A Penchant For The Stagnant
6 O Mind! Just Dance!
7 The Lovers' Lane Is Very Narrow - Poetry By Kabir
8 Alegre Soy
9 Yes, Take Me Home
10 And Do No Other Thing - Based On Poetry By Mirabai
11 The Sad Trumpets Of Afternoon
12 Sa

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