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Stiff Richards -  State of Mind [IMPORT Green Noise EXCLUSIVE GREEN VINYL!!!]
Stiff Richards -  State of Mind [IMPORT Green Noise EXCLUSIVE GREEN VINYL!!!]
Drunken Sailor Records

Stiff Richards - State of Mind [IMPORT Green Noise EXCLUSIVE GREEN VINYL!!!]

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Limited Edition GREEN VINYL only available at GREEN NOISE RECORDS!!!!

In the UK, the white vinyl pressing of 100 sold out the first day of the preorder!!!

Coming from the Aussie rock tradition sure I suppose, blasting out of that perhaps, but maybe more precisely launching from the same places that had been the launching pad for those other Aussie rockets, post-war Motor City, Memphis and Missouri channeled post haste through Tacoma and Detroit and into the 70s, going back to those folks who are hungry and didn't give a rat's ass about the next meal, just doing it for doing it,

ripping it up with sloppy precision, taking parts of Chuck Berry and the Stooges and coming out 100 percent kick ass, ring that bell and kick the dust from the rug, this is what others wish they could get but they trying too hard to be something while trying too hard to not be something else, just be, shake the sleeves until that coat fits just right, this band obviously trying to make a good record rather than trying to be the next big thing, not only not trying to copy something but also not falling into that trap of trying too hard to not sound like something, tapping into the original inspiration and influence, the heartbeat and the hunger, the howl and the growl, the roar of a wave and the crash of the trim press, the rumble of the freight train and the scream of an engine, thunder booming on the horizon and the rattle of hail in the roof and the rattle of the tail of the snakes in the rocks, the album title pointing to the title track but also maybe pointing to a focus of the whole set, flipping open the skull and peeking in at what’s going on inside, specific and clarity and cryptic in the lyrics department, guitar licks natural and intentional as bare feet footloose and fancy free across the dance floor on a Friday night, fingers on strings or heels shuffling up the dust when the music hits you and the bassline becomes your backbone, elemental and corporeal, raw as bone marrow and real as the need to escape, the need to scream from the bushes and shout from the mountaintop, the boom of the bottom, the crunch on top, from Australia to the UK to Green Noise to you, let me go rock n roll, cities aflame and it’s good to alive and kicking so you can shuffle through the dirt and find gems in the rough like this.  This is the shit, I shit you not. -- winch (green noise)



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