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Roxies, The  -   Don't Wanna Dance Because I'm Told To – New LP
Roxies, The  -   Don't Wanna Dance Because I'm Told To – New LP
Dirt Cult Records

Roxies, The - Don't Wanna Dance Because I'm Told To – New LP

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It's easy to spot some likely influences here, but what influences coming through depends on what cut you're listening to, Chuck Berry, Nick Lowe, Slade, Skids, Cramps, Bowie and Ramones could all be influences when you listen to it from go to whoa, perhaps all of it connected with both the late 70s UK punk and power pop that clearly had some connection with the then-recent glittery and beer-stained past in the UK (and of course that had a clear connection with American rock n roll from many years earlier), probably built from those pasts and a present-tense need to rock n roll, this motors through the cuts in a machine made of rhythm, a Slant-Six ride with driver and the occupant in the shotgun seat singing and motivatin over the hills, bumper to bumper, side by side, bassline pronounced even when easing into garage at the end, slightly cynical and menacing but fueled up and headed toward some fun with speed and urgency, a Craig deck blasting through some new woofers bouncing on the back window, top down and a strong bottom, slightly stoned on speeders and/or drunk on Stroh's but nothing to interfere it from punching it home. -- winch (green noise)

The Roxies are a band from Berlin, their singer Matthew is originally from Yorkshire, England. He met the rest of the band through a flyer at a Kreuzberg dive bar in 2018. Since then they've been writing songs and putting their different musical backgrounds together, playing loud from inside an ex-launderette in one of Berlin's backyards. Musically drawing influences from ’77 Punk Rock, Indie, Garage, Post Punk, Power Pop, ... The Roxies are all about spreading the love and playing energetic fun shows.

2019 they self-released their debut single "The Roxies Are Coming". After a mini-tour in Northern England in 2020 they recorded their first full-length album "Don't Wanna Dance Because I'm Told To". The title quotes the first line of the opening song of the record. The album has a real feel of a band putting down everything that they have: Songs range from a Punk Rock belter to a Pop grower to a New Wave groover. Lyrics that focus on contemporary life, personal demons, social and political problems, whilst also getting ready for a party – what more do you need for a jam-packed introduction of a band? (The record cover shows one of The Roxies' flyers sticking on a scruffy chewing gum machine. With the inner sleeve featuring drawings and all the song lyrics hand-typed, you get a piece of DIY art that the band loves to create.)
released January 21, 2022

Recorded and mixed by legendary SmaiL ShocK at his analog studio in Berlin. Mastered by loop_O, Berlin. The vinyl is co-released by Family Spree Recordings (Spain) & Dirt Cult Records (USA).

The Roxies are:
> Matthew Conway - Vocals
> Bruno Werner - Guitar
> Imke Wagener - Bass / Vocals
> Tim Müller-Heidelberg - Drums

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