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Beacon Comics #1 w/ 7" split (Direct Hit / Decent Criminal)  –  [PREORDER Shipping May 2023 GREEN NOISE EXCLUSIVE] – New Comic / New 7"
Beacon Comics #1 w/ 7" split (Direct Hit / Decent Criminal)  –  [PREORDER Shipping May 2023 GREEN NOISE EXCLUSIVE] – New Comic / New 7"
Dirtnap Records

Beacon Comics #1 w/ 7" split (Direct Hit / Decent Criminal) – [PREORDER Shipping May 2023 GREEN NOISE EXCLUSIVE] – New Comic / New 7"

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Dirtnap Records presents: Beacon Comics #1
w/ split 7” (Direct Hit / Decent Criminal)

One-time issue of 500!!

Blue Vinyl (Green Noise Exclusive!) 100 copies.

Red Vinyl (Green Noise Exclusive!) 100 copies.

Black Vinyl 300 copies. 

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Catalog Number: Dirtnap ZZZ-171

Format: Comic Book + 7"

SPLIT 7" Track List:

1.     Wasteland (Direct Hit)

2.     Dream (Decent Criminal)

3.     Time (Decent Criminal)

Dirtnap Records will publish the first installment of Beacon Comics, packaged with a 7" record featuring "Wasteland," a taste of dubiously-forthcoming album from Direct Hit (Milwaukee, Fat Wreck Chords), and songs "Time" and "Dream" from Decent Criminal (Santa Rosa, Diised/Gunner Records). 

At some point during quarantine - with an album of new material shelved, and a month-long European tour canceled - Direct Hit singer/songwriter Nick Woods found himself working on a story about the future.  'I'd get on video calls with my friends Dylan [Brown] and Jenny [Lapham], and we'd joke about being locked up with nothing to do - just like everyone else was,  At some point, I got it into my head that this was all training for some kind of future where virtual reality would be the only way to experience the universe. And since I had nothing else to do, I figured I'd start writing some of that stuff down.'  Together, Nick, Dylan, and Jenny - along with long-time Direct Hit collaborator and illustrator Walker Dubois - pieced together the first half of BEACON #1 from Woods's notes, producing a science fiction comic about a person named Doro, and their robot caretaker Partner, as civilization is reborn from apocalypse.  

"Wasteland" was a tune I recorded by myself, a couple months after we canceled all our scheduled shows, and right around when I admitted to myself that I wasn't gonna be able to be in a full-time band for a while,' Woods says. 'This was also right after when George Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis police. So I was angry, and depressed, and embarrassed, and felt like I had to do something to express that mindset, and show some solidarity. The original version is really nasty-sounding - this one is too, but a lot more listenable.  We had the first part of this book lying around. So we figured it was good a time as any to try something far-out, with a label that wasn't scared to experiment."

This lavishly packaged comic/7” combo is a one-time only pressing of 500 (300 on black, 100 on red, 100 on blue) and will only be available for a limited time. Get yours today!

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