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TV's Daniel - Never Change [IMPORT Green Noise Exclusive green vinyl] – New LP
TV's Daniel - Never Change [IMPORT Green Noise Exclusive green vinyl] – New LP
Wild Honey Records

TV's Daniel - Never Change [IMPORT Green Noise Exclusive green vinyl] – New LP

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Daniel Fried and the gang clearly succeeding in everything they set out to do, and also probably and fortunately many things they didn't plan to do...the punk punch of Fried's past showing up and working its way to the center to help power it along...but also clearly moving into new directions (plural)...cold pressed for success and the chemical burn of fear and sweat washed in chlorine and warm water bathed in cold fluorescent, often giving the listener this embracing uneasiness like stepping from the cement of the shallows into the incline of the deep water when you realize you probably should have taken off your pants and jacket and maybe learned to swim better...the sexy rhythms along with the sharp threads in the swimming pool on the jacket art and a song called "Another Place Another Time" housed in the grooves, makes it easy to connect some red and black dots back to Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry (and sometimes Sparks...and other times hints of Ric Ocasek...and other times night time shades of death rock...maybe hints of Nilsson Schmilsson and early Cheap Trick...and something I can't quite put my finger on)...the sounds piercing into your eardrums like a spear, poking at your face like a knife and then pulling you into an embrace...while this is a unique offering that sounds different between songs and really between listens, it also quickly sounds like something really stepping into a swimming pool at night at some hotel in some town you've never been, instantly it feels familiar and still foreign at the same time...something coming at you with welcoming menace...dread and a sexy date with a dry off and drive into the night and end up feeling comfortable and loosen the seatbelt around your chest...but a lonliness creeps into your gut and you feel uneasy and a little worried...not really for your safety but worried about something you really don't understand and know that you probably never will...and maybe that's all the dread and pleasure is all about...mama told you to stay to the path and avoid the dangerous curves and detours, but what did she know anyway...block her out and crank up the songs, surrender and strip down to your skivvies or the skin suit of your birthday garb...or keep your clothes on and step into the pool.  It's cold outside but the water is warm.  -- winch


Radioactivity, Bad Sports, VIDEO: Daniel Fried is no stranger to being part of some great music.  After decades of collaborating with other people, Daniel decided he wanted to create his own band, his own sound, with his own principles. TV’s Daniel was formed. Chris Prorock rips heavy drum beats, Jason Smith (OBN III’s) Ryan Fitzgibbon (Porcelain) and Mike Garrido (OBN III’s, Baxu) each make their own unique sound on guitar, while Lisa Alley (The Well) shreds bass and offers her perfectly pitched harmonies. Throughout TV’s Daniel’s amplified simple chord structures, they seamlessly navigate the devastation of love, the influence of sex and the power of failing upwards. Exploring heartbreak, death and self-worth, TV’s Daniel debuts Never Change, with Wild Honey Records. With the help of producer Chico Jones, TV’s Daniel solidifies their unequivocal musical capabilities with this ten track masterpiece.


Long Way (From The Top) - Daniel Fried - Mattitude Music, LLC

Maybe We'll All Die - Daniel Fried - Mattitude Music, LLC

Face Down In The Ditch (Of Love) - Daniel Fried - Mattitude Music, LLC

Watching You - Daniel Fried - Mattitude Music, LLC

Another Place, Another Time - Daniel Fried - Mattitude Music, LLC

No Escape - Daniel Fried - Mattitude Music, LLC

Life Of Crime - Daniel Fried - Mattitude Music, LLC

Clothes Make The Man - Daniel Fried - Mattitude Music, LLC

Usual Students - Daniel Fried - Mattitude Music, LLC

Human Air - Daniel Fried - Mattitude Music, LLC


Daniel Fried - Vocals, guitar, bass, synth

Lisa Alley - Bass, vocals

Jason Smith - lead guitar, synth

Mike Garrido - guitar, space drum, vocoder

Chris Prorock - drums

Zach Blair - guitar, vocals

Chico Jones - vocals, piano, additional instruments

Erin Frazier - additional vocals

Something Samuel - Saxophone


Produced by Chico Jones and Daniel Fried

Engineered and Mixed by Chico Jones

Mastered by Riccardo Zamboni

Pool Courtesy of Brandon Hunt

Artwork and Photos by Daniel Fried and Lisa Alley

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