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FREE SHIPPING in U.S. with $65 order! ••••••••••••••••••••••••• INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: see info about international shipping costs under SHIPPING tab on main menu.
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Back to Black: 100%


Open to any black artist. 

1) Send any physical format of your recording to Green Noise Records, 10824 SE Oak Street, Milwaukie Oregon. 97222, 1-5 copies, each priced. Use USPS Media Mail—it’s cheap. 

2) With each item, include name and mailing address: envelope, sticker, or note—where you want checks sent.  (Or PayPal email address.)   Or send us an email with the info:

3) When each item sells, we’ll send you all the money. 

  • We truly appreciate your involvement with this project and trusting us enough to send in your work.  We know Black musicians created American music and have been exploited in so many ways throughout history, and while we can’t possibly claim to understand all the hurt that has caused, we hope this can help show our appreciation for what black artists have done for this store and this country.  Even with programs like this, we understand that we have a lot more work to do.  Without programs to return money to black artists, we are clearly part of the exploitation.  What do we get out of this?  We get to share your music with our customers.  

  • We are not a Black-owned business.  If you’d rather have our customers purchase your recording directly from a Black-owned business--including your own-- just email photo and link to

  • If you are a Black person in a band with white people, of course you can participate, but we’re making the check out to you. If you perform on the recording, you will be paid.

  • Please contact us with any questions or concerns, but understand that’s not required.  If you are busy and want to get this done quickly, follow the 3 steps and we’ll do the rest. 

  • We will return your items any time you ask.  If it’s an address in the United States, we will pay for shipping to return items. 

  • If you send a promo copy so we can help promote your music, we will (after reviewing) sell promo item “½ price used” and send you all the money.  Please mark item PROMO.  

  • While we currently do not sell downloads, download cards for your music can also be part of this program.  (You’d have to send in physical cards with the download code.) 

  • If you’ve written a book, this program is also available to you.  Follow the same instructions.

Our customers focus on all forms of punk and funk but also like variety—and/or need it—especially if it’s fun, angry, or overtly political, designed to make people think and/or to get them off their seats and on their feet. Our customers purchase hip-hop, blues, metal, indie rock, soul and gospel.  Give the people what they want and/or diversify their minds.

We purposely focused this program on Black artists, but we offer the same to any person of color, any artist from any minority group, of course the people of the tribal nations of this land, any artist from a third world country, or any immigrant from anywhere.  

If others want to get involved in this program, 100% of sales of your item will go to Momentum Alliance in Portland, Oregon or other nonprofit organization. (Or with each item, include SASE to any black-operated black-rights organization and we’ll send payments there.) 

To avoid involving huge financial institutions, and for other reasons, we prefer to use checks from our credit union for payment, but let us know and provide an email address if you prefer PayPal.

This program is designed to be a permanent part of Green Noise Records.

We still believe in supporting many small labels and distros.  And you might too: message us about a distro or label that carries your release.