ZHOD - Busy Ghost 7"
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ZHOD - Busy Ghost 7"

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we proudly welcome the german garage punk kids of ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH on ALIEN SNATCH! Flying wiener dogs deliver three songs - "Busy Ghost" is a dark standout dance floor stomper with pop appeal and the B-Side has two fuzzy assaults in "Summer Guts" and "Chatroulette". ZHOD started few years ago as a manic pussy galore instrumental astroman band and then added vocals to wreak havoc. So here is the dartboard: art damaged protoplasmic noise rock, madmen indie with teenage-twisted psych and blown-out grunge nods and the outer ring is garagey recklessness - the game can start! You just feel the kids go ape on the slippery mall floor anytime and want to join them in their next practice. now gimme me a highway toilet gimme a hockey arena gimme me a tokyo subway! Revive the vibe of the CLONE DEFECTS. In the meantime they shared stages with TY SEGALL early this year and will open for THEE OH SEES this summer. This is Warsaw, not LA! So if look for the new buzz & ambition and aesthetic allure make sure to have kleenex to wipe the spit & sweat out your face first. Cum stats: three songs, plain labels - handnumbered & limited to 400 tour 45.

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