Yussuf Jerusalem - Blast From The Past LP

$ 11.00

NEW. FLORIDA'S DYING RECORDS. The first 7" I put out on Florida's Dying was a split with Buttercups and The Creteens (Benjamin Daures's band at the time). 2008's "Heart Full Of Sorrow" was the first LP released on Floridas Dying, and if I have things my way a Benjamin Daures LP will be the last thing I ever put out on Floridas Dying. Benji's a life long friend and a brother till the end. That being said it is with great satisfaction that I release the follow up to "Heart Full Of Sorrow" on Floridas Dying. "Blast From THe Past" is nine more tracks of beautifully sad pop songs about chivalry, death, and heartbreak that manage to successfully integrate Norwegian black metal, Rocky Erickson, french pop, and spaghetti western guitar work into one incredible album. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!!