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Wrong War –  Fixed Against Forever [CREAM WHITE VINYL] – New LP
Wrong War –  Fixed Against Forever [CREAM WHITE VINYL] – New LP
Atomic Action Records / Council Records

Wrong War – Fixed Against Forever [CREAM WHITE VINYL] – New LP

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Chicago.  Formed in late 2019, Wrong War is comprised of former members of Current, Ottawa, Calvary, The Phenoms, and Salvo Beta. 

Dan, Dave, Matthias, Pat

Recorded and mixed by Michael Manthei at Eberly Studios, Fall 2020
Mastered at The Boiler Room, Chicago, IL
Cover art by John Yates/Stealworks (@stealworks on IG)
Publicity by August Forte/

"Wrong War capture the raw nature of early Hardcore Punk in a captivating manner. The band embody this thickly riffed chaos, spasmodically unloading in frustration to anyone that will listen. Think the early chaos of Black Flag and the Circle Jerks and then ply that with an aggravated and consistently fast tempo and along with some whirling melodic leads and you’ll arrive (un)safely within the band’s debut, Fixed Against Forever. However, as you settle, you’ll discover that you really haven’t without noticing the crucial maniacal nature the band borrow from the raw and comparatively more Melodic Hardcore and Post-Hardcore sound Rites Of Spring would lend the genre later in the timeline. Once you’ve melded with such an assault and relocated your ears to Chicago, you have FINALLY arrived at Fixed Against Forever. The band’s lead single and video ‘First Shot Misses’ was inspired by the attempts of the American Nazi party to disrupt the Chicago Pride Parade in 1982. The video showcases how the LGBTQ+ community, labour movements and ‘other purveyors and love, inclusion and justice came together in a show of unity to stop them’ and is a must-watch. Fixed Against Forever is nothing if not visceral and energetic true to the legacy of the exuberance of Punk-Rock. The band’s debut is a thrill ride of abrasive and warped Hardcore but doesn’t resign itself to such wholly. There are lashings of melodic strings throughout to break the cycle of dirge but also deviations in tempo. ‘All You Ever Knew’ opts for classic Punk grit, upbeat but still laden with conviction. ‘Escape Clause’ is another release-highlight where the band’s ferocity is perpetually cycling and alternating in further spasmodic jabs. However, it is the closing ‘We’re Through’ in its gritty Dag Nasty-esque warped Dischord melodies and leads contrasting the refined ‘core on offer that steals the show. Do yourself favour and indulge in some Wrong War below via Council Records."


"WRONG WAR is a new project from Chicago by a bunch of old dudes which, sonically, echoes of GIve Thanks-era ARTICLES OF FAITH in its ferocity and anger. Lyrically, it is a pointed assault on the darkness that surrounds us everyday – a cry out to resist and an encouragement not to give up. This is passionate, beautiful, pissed off and is easily one of my favorite releases of the year."


"Chicago’s Wrong War, who feature former members of Current, Calvary, Ottawa, The Phenoms and Salvo Beta amongst their number, only formed in 2019, in the midst of arguably the most turbulent time in recent history. Shortly after their formation the coronavirus descended and decimated the live scene, something that saw the band focus their energies and record and release their debut full length “Fixed Against Forever” that is now available via Council Records, the recently resurrected label that was run between 1992 until 2006 by Wrong War‘s Matt Weeks. The release of “Fixed Against Forever” coincided with the first day of the prolonged, and pointlessly disputed, American elections on November 3rd, even brief exposure to Wrong War tells you that this was not a coincidence. Writers will often, in a desperate scrabble to describe whatever has landed in their inbox, or occasionally dropped through their letterbox, casually throw adjectives in, the word incendiary is one of these, but in this case it is one that is more than deserved. Wrong War‘s debut album deliver’s nine shots of political fury in around 20 minutes, anyone who has ever had nine shots in that time frame will tell you it’s a heady experience, well so is “Fixed Against Forever”. From the opening foreboding squall of feedback of ‘Words Were Mere Words‘ to the final fading chords of ‘We’re Through‘ this is a relentless well informed and passionate blast of political punk rock that is played straight from the heart. Whilst the band is clearly influenced by the Chicago and Detroit scenes they came up in, there is a clear influence from the classic DC punk and Dischord Records releases of that era and a punch to the gut the emanates from the D-beat and UK82 scenes.  “Fixed Against Forever” is a blistering, politically-charged album of justifiably furious punk rock in a time when, more than ever, we need our voices to be heard. There are clear comparisons to the likes of old school bands such as Crucifix, Battalion of Saints, Discharge and Born Against, but this is not a throw back to the days of punk protest against Thatcher and Reagan era politics. The political world has become increasingly toxic and Wrong War‘s debut full length is the battle cry, or possibly a cathartic primal scream, we all need as events continue to escalate around us."



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