Wrong Hole - 2012 LP
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Wrong Hole - 2012 LP

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WRONG HOLE's debut LP “2012” is a close match for P.Trash-roster especially for the rear part of the mark. It's kinda oldschool punk and hardcore mixed with synth- and garage-punk, but first and foremost it's brilliant TRASH. The line-up of the band features Nick Flanagan "vocals" (BRUTAL KNIGHTS, TEEN CRUD COMBO, KILLER ELITE, COME), Andrew Moszynski "guitar, drum programming" (QUEST FOR FIRE, DEADLY SNAKES, KILLER ELITE) and Jon Schouten "Synth" (TEENANGER).
The "vocals" show analogies to BRUTAL KNIGHTS snotty HC-style plus digitally effected weirdness whilst the tunes are a dirty drum machine driven mix of SPITS, TERROR VISIONS, FINAL SOLUTIONS and "Death To The Old Flesh"-era DESTRUCTION UNIT or like a fast version of the most underrated DAMNATION KIDS – all levels in the red. The musical follies of WRONG HOLE are in a way comparable with the lunatic tape-manipulation and funny noises of early BUTTHOLE SURFERS too.
The "2112"-RUSH tribute cover was illustrated by Emily Bitze and the back cover photo was taken by JR Jensen. Design by Tobin Reid. Recorded in winter 2013 at Stustustudio in Toronto, mixed by Jon Schouten at Rising Fun, and mastered by Steve Sidoli.

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