Whines, The - Hell To Play LP

$ 13.00

NEW. MEDS RECORDS. THE WHINES transcend the lo-fi tag with real, honest songs that are not hipster genre exercises or an act of desperate trend hopping. Hell To Play is a major leap forward in fidelity and songwriting from their 7-inch. Anchored by KARIANNE’s hypnotic voice and basslines and colored by JESSE’s raw guitar and BOBBY’s primitive drumming. Tracks were recorded alternately by ROB & ROD from EAT SKULL with one track recorded by KYLE from METH TEETH/MEERCAZ and two tracks recorded by the band. This LP brings to mind things like Neil Young, Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Dead Moon and Cheater Slicks filtered through contemporary ears/minds. Sequenced like a classic album with moody rock songs, melted psych garage tunes and strange, haunting heartbreakers. Play this over and over. You will be rewarded