Weird TV - s/t 12"
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Weird TV - s/t 12"

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“Following up a killer demo and 7”, Olympia’s Weird TV goes long(er) with six new songs that showcase strong musical development and renewed charisma, the kind of music that stares you down even from the comfort of your own home. In a refreshing role reversal, the men in the band are relegated to the rhythm section, while the women handle vocals and guitar, shredding as hard as the situations warrant. Lyrics are once again in Spanish, and the band’s respect for and inspiration from Latino punk, particularly its history in Southern California, is vetted in full solely by way of deed. I got a test pressing, so no lyrics (or song titles, for that matter) are evident, but in the tradition of their previous single, Weird TV has a way of making your classic Pac-NW feminist punk sound more vicious and hectoring than almost anything else in the past 10-15 years, to the point where a few of these songs sound like a curse bestowed upon the unjust who happen to stumble upon this release – these people will make you pay.”—Doug Mosurock

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