Wave Action - s/t cassette

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Some bands take a few releases to find their footing. Less often, it's a joy to hear their first realized project. This is only slightly less rare than being born as a full grown adult. Last year, Wave Action materialized fully-formed with revelatory live shows across basements in NE Portland. For a new band their musicianship (who cares?) was impeccable and their songwriting (bigger deal) was extraordinary. And then, unprovoked, they got even better. Now, a year after they formed, when you see them live you might find yourself among a dozen people who call them the best, hands down, in Portland. 

Their self-recorded first release is a snapshot of their breakneck development, already with a handful of jaw-dropping perfect songs and an undeniable chemistry that carries the tape from start to finish. We're so excited to share with you Wave Action's very first release.