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Videodrome - s/t [IMPORT] – Used LP
P Trash Records

Videodrome - s/t [IMPORT] – Used LP

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screen printed numbered sleeve.  Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax! With deluxe silk-screened covers! 

really great set of synth punk from France. -- winch

Set your receivers and satellite dishes straight for 13 bizarre broadcast signals transmitted from a Synth Punk station in Bordeaux.
Be hyptnotized by the disturbing soundwaves of the theatric synth-overdrive of "Videodrame" and the darker "Toxic People", the noisy and freaked-out basslines in "Mannequins", "Metro Station" and "Phillip K. Dick". Let your brain sizzle with the punkier and faster JAY REATARD/LOST SOUNDS styled melodies in "Unplug me", "Satan Claus" and "Solar Beam".
Stare paralyzed and drooling onto a black screen with the spheric and dark Garage Post-Punk songs "Pills", "Alienation", "Wasted" before the monotone super catcher "Mature Morte" finally sucks your mind dry.
For all those who got stuck on channel LOST SOUNDS/TERROR VISION/DESTRUCTION UNIT/DIGITAL LEATHER/BLACK BUG/THE SPITS: to avoid fainting, keep repeating: It's only a record, it's only a record, it's only a record...


  • Bass, Vocals  Arthur B. Über Alles
  • Drum  Gardener (4)
  • Mastered By  Simon Capony
  • Producer  Dorian Verdier
  • Synth, Vocals  Johann Denizot

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