Versoma - Life During Wartime 12"

$ 5.00

NEW. ROBOTIC EMPIRE RECORDS. The influence of independent and alternative music's celebrated past is undeniable on VERSOMA's six-track, 18-minute debut EP... but with plenty of aggression and passion retained from years in the punk/metal/hardcore underground. With members having done time in LICKGOLDENSKY, ANODYNE, HOT CROSS, ORCHID and more, one might expect chaotic screaming madness, but (fortunately) this is a wall of guitars mixed with desperate, wailing and haunting vocals; darkness mixed with simplistic genius, and the manic quality control of three different label owners involved. Recorded at Translator Audio with band-member Mike Hill and mastered at West West Side by Alan Douches, the first sonic offering from VERSOMA is an exciting step towards uncharted audio territories, and an excellent indication of things to come.