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Vaureen - Extraterra - New LP
Vaureen - Extraterra - New LP
Rising Pulse Records

Vaureen - Extraterra - New LP

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ThisBrooklyntrio’sdebutisafuzzy,atmosphericmasterpiece,likeifSabbathjoinedSiouxsieandSonicYouthforanepicweekendmushroomtrip.Thegroupeffortlesslyblendselementsofgrungyalternativerock,melodicshoegaze,andbroodingdoommetalakintoearlyChelseaWolfe.Icyindie,noise-infused grunge, & sprawling ethereal doom.


Extraterra is the first full length album by Vaureen.
Vaureen is Andrea Horne - Guitar / Vocals
Marianne Do - Bass / Vocals
Cale Hand - Drums

All Music Written by Vaureen
Lyrics by Andrea Horne
Production & Mixing by Aaron Bastinelli (Fun Sound Studio)
Mastering by Michele Mancini (Demifugue)
Photography by Jaka Vinsek
Art Direction & Design by Andrea Horne (Andrea Horne Studio)

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