Various Artists - Searching For The Now vol 6 7"

$ 2.00

NEW. SLUMBERLAND RECORDS. Slumberland's popular split single series returns with two new installments.

Searching For The Now 6 continues to fire on all cylinders with an excellent UK pairing. On side one, Welsh pop mavens The School deliver a smashing cover of late Left Banke tune "And Suddenly." Taking their cues from Brian Wilson, sunshine pop, and classic Phil Spector girl-group sounds, The School joins Camera Obscura, Saturday Looks Good To Me, and Lucky Soul in bringing '60s references bang up to date. <[> On side two is George Washington Brown-- the latest nom de rock of Pete Gofton, who got his start in teenage sensations Kenickie and has also recorded as J Xaverre.

The two songs here are brand new, exclusive, and perfect examples of Gofton's quirky pop vision, full of production twists and surprising turns of melody.