Underground Railroad To Candyland - Bird Roughs LP

$ 13.00

NEW Recess Records.
Folks from Toys That Kill! Here is what Jersey Beat said about this one."You can put this album on and think you were listening to Toys That Kill or FYP and that is not a bad thing at all (considering they have some of the same members.) With that TTK/FYP sound, The Underground Railroad To Candyland blast out 12 outstanding tracks. (Suey) Ex- Fat Kid Blues? was the track that fully grabbed my attention and set this band aside in my mind from TTK/FYP. With call and respond choruses, chanting verses and a slight country/ folksy twang, this album envelops you and keeps you wanting more and more. No way!, Miss U.S.A.!? which has become my favorite track on this album, even has a Dick Dale surf rock feel to it explored through the main guitar riff. However after these 12 songs finished, I scrambled to my CD?s and pulled out all the great TTK/FYP albums I?ve collected over the years. This album will definitely be one I will be glad to come across while looking through my collection in the years to come."