Tyred Eyes - Ghost 7"

$ 5.99

NEW. ALIEN SNATCH RECORDS. new crusade of the göteborg vikings! You get four a-sides songs evoking the demons again you thought to release after that braineating ruff & fast album "the piercing stare, the thousand lies". Imagine if ROKY ERICKSON wrote songs back in 70s for SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR LIVES and they got found by four abandoned kids locked up in a mental home. TYRED EYES do heartbreakin´garage pop right next to bipolar rock with razor sharp guitars and their distinctive dueling girl/boy vocals. Is this punk or did Johanna & the three boys just catched rabies? Go check it out at their tour! It´s THE band to watch.Who else can handle the continental ice age out there right now? Split release with GAPHALS, 300 copies available here. We can´t wait for more.