Trash Knife - s/t 7"

$ 6.00

"Trash Life" the latest 7"-release by P.Trash is a killer 5-song Punkripper from Philadelphia. Knowing the details and short description by Peter I was eager to listen to it. And, Yesss! All 5 songs explodes out of the speakers! It is a little back-to-the-roots-feeling for P.Trash in it - kinda lost songs of "Killed By Trash" compilations. Extra Plus!
These 5 songs are all originals recorded in a garage-infected JAY REATARDS'-KBD-sound, too dirty for hardcore and finally too edgy for pop punk. All the kids in their squats will end in a cluster of pals I guess. Maybe that's the best thing could happen going nuts and breaking borders, female fronted TRASH KNIFE would be your companions in distress.
See you in hell(Europe-Tour)! - Micha