The Middle Ages - S/T - New LP
The Middle Ages - S/T - New LP
Ripe Records

The Middle Ages - S/T - New LP

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RED VINYL: 100 Pressed!

released May 28, 2019 
Nine tunes recorded by Bryan Standridge @ Echoes Studios

In 2018, after his Bay Area TROPICAL SLEEP, RAZZ and THE PETS, Dan Wood returned to his native Seattle, couldn’t rest for long, hence THE MIDDLE AGES with Cris Wood (sharing talents she’s honed in punk and 60s soul combos!) and Donny Hilstad (drummer from THE STATICS, THE DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE...)...pop and rock, punk and songwriting and vocals of Cris and Dan...rhythm, guitar noize, sweet shake, whatever it takes.  Hilstad & The Woods formed Ripe Records to release their batch of songs, DIY family-style. These 9 tunes are the first you’ve heard from The Middle Ages, but they most certainly won’t be the last. Recommend to all big beat devotees! 

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