System And Station - s/t LP
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System And Station - s/t LP

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NEW. LATEST FLAME RECORDS. System and Station have been doing it longer, and better, than just about any band in Portland.
Their latest, self-titled full-length is their 10th studio recording, marking their 15th year together. System and Station is yet another impressively played and written collection of high-voltage rock, as we have come to expect from the Portland-via-Boise band. And while System and Station certainly offer some aural fireworks, for the most part they are content to function as a fully integrated team of immaculate craftsmen, letting the songs lead the way. There are tangled guitar showdowns in the vein of Built to Spill, manic pop crackups à la Modest Mouse, and in "Saturday Night Friends" even a bluesy stomp that will unquestionably please the Black Keys' bafflingly large fanbase. NED LANNAMANN/PORTLAND MERCURY

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