Svart Katt - Rosta Sonder 7"
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Svart Katt - Rosta Sonder 7"

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SVART KATT are everybody's favourite punk pets since they started to appear on the hot Swedish tin roof. They follow the footsteps of other fellow bands, like EBBA GRÖN, HURULAS, STEFAN & THE PROBLEMATIX, MASSHYSTERI or TRISTESS, with an unmistakeable sound between melody and melancholy. All five songs on this 7'' share the desperate, reverb driven vocals and super cool synths in the background that makes it clear hat we are talking post-punk here. Powerful bass lines in driving mid-tempo, twangy reverb guitars, dark organs and attitude as well as a rough and authentic live room production support this beautiful end time feeling.
It is definitely going to be a good day when this black cat record is crossing your path!

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