Superior Units - Take Her In The Classroom 7"

$ 1.00

NEW. PLASTIC IDOL RECORDS. East Bay teens from BUZZER and the IMPEDIMENTS join forces in Superior Units to make the kind of music you wish you knew existed at their bright-eyed age. It's not a shocker these kids are so well-informed given their stake in one of the world's best rock 'n' roll scenes, but you might be surprised to learn that a couple of them have been doing it this way for years, dating back to the PHIL SPECTOR SHOTGUN EXPERIENCE at age 14. The first time I heard Superior Units, they were paying tribute to their superior units. The tune was "2 Much 4 Skin," a '70s proto-punk inspired gem (included as a B-side here) that had me waxing nostalgic about the first time I heard the GIZMOS. A similar vibe hangs over this record from start to finish and it's totally boss. The EP's title track, a detention hall soundtrack for the hot-for-teacher set, and "2 Many Dipshitz," a bouncy, bratty sing-along, are ridiculous in the most complimentary way. Well done, lads! Limited to 300 copies, black vinyl. - PLASTIC IDOL RECORDS.