Super Hit - Everything Is Shit cassette

$ 5.00

Trends and bands come and go, but Portland can rely on one constant: if you feed him, Kyle Handley will make between three and five really good records a year.
As the primary songwriter/recordist for White Fang and The Memories, Kyle Handley arranged, engineered, and played nearly all the instruments on dozens of releases, among them landmark DIY heavies like "Grateful To Shred", "Positive Feedback", and the s/t Memories debut. While this allowed for some glowing reviews and a few years of constant touring, he broke with his bandmates shortly after they relocated to Los Angeles, returning to Portland to write songs for his friends in his apartment as Super Hit. 
In a little over a year, Super Hit has offered four full lengths and two EPs of astoundingly consistent quality, all recorded and performed solely by Kyle. The latest, "Everything is Shit", boasts the clearest and most lush production yet, with a collection of pop gems that stand toe to toe with his strongest work. Portland has suffered losses both cultural and personal during its housing crisis, but still has more than its fair share of local treasures, such as this ginger polymath who might be on the level of R. Stevie Moore and Martin Newell. 
"Everything is Shit" is available Friday, July 8th on See My Friends Records.