Sun Angle - Diamond Junk LP

$ 14.99

NEW. NEW MOSS RECORDS. "Diamond Junk" – the debut full-length from Sun Angle –creates, as the title suggests, exhilarating tension between beauty and chaos, propelled by artful, animalistic urgency.

Known and loved for their irreverent, expressive, spontaneous live shows—full of aggressive elation and gritty, raucous, surreal layers of sound—the Portland trio channels that same epic, improvisational energy into their debut album. Produced by Danny Seim (Menomena), "Diamond Junk" was recorded in a brief blip of space-time in a cabin lurking in the depths of Zigzag, Oregon—musical immersion marked by the creative abandon of all-night psychotropic inspiration and oblique strategies.

The synergistic three-piece consists of Charlie Salas Humara on vocals & guitar (Panther), Marius Libman on bass (Copy) and Papi Fimbres on drums (Paper/Upper/Cuts). Central and South American footsteps traverse through Sun Angle’s veins, blending SST punk, Cumbia, and pop in a wash of psychedelic filth. Sun Angle ride the line between chaos and pop, making music all it’s own.