Stiv Bators' Dead Boys - Last Stand 1980 7"

$ 6.00

NEW. UGLY POP RECORDS. When erstwhile DEAD BOYS Stiv Bators and Jimmy Zero decided to give it another shot with a summer 1980 US tour, they assembled a pretty crack backing band-- George Cabaniss (Hammer Damage) on guitar, Frank Secich (Blue Ash) on bass and David Quinton (Mods, Arson) on drums-- and proceeded to take it on the road. Over thirty years later, Quinton has remastered the original excellent-quality board tapes from three of the shows to come up with incendiary takes on all-time American punk rock monsters "Son Of Sam", "Third Generation Nation" and "All This And More". 100% authorised release with four-page insert featuring extensive
liners and unseen pictures!