Steinways, The - Promise It'll Never Happen Again LP

$ 11.00

NEW. IT'S ALIVE RECORDS. I am not exactly sure what The Steinways are promising will never happen again, but if it has anything to do with making, playing, recording or releasing music, I hope they are proven to be liars someday! Listening to all of these songs collected from singles, splits, compilations and Grath's iPod made me remember why I loved them so much when they were still around - they made some of the most fun and fantastic pop punk music of the past decade! "Promise It'll Never Happen Again" collects remastered versions of every song ever released by The Steinways that didn't appear on either of their two full length albums. Two tracks are being released for the first time, another was only available on a not-exactly-available-for-sale wedding gift 7" that only 150 copies of exist, and the first eleven are being made available in digital format (iTunes and the like, as well as download codes included with all copies of the LP) for the first time... officially anyway. If you missed the boat on The Steinways the first time, this is the perfect place to start. For existing fans, it's a great way to remember how good you had it when they were still around.