Starlite Desperation - Take It Personally LP

$ 4.00

NEW INFRASONIC RECORDS. The wait is over! With three full-lengths behind them, The Starlite Desperation present Take It Personally, an epic twelve-song roller-coaster through the repressed and murderous memories of gated beach community child actors, desert real estate vampire parents, entertainment biz drug czars, and the redeeming twin powers of Music and Love to heal a mess even as bad as this. Take It Personally may be the most writhe-inducing Starlite Desperation disc ever. This opus, a helicopter crash-friendly bash crammed with psych-anthems, hoofstompers, and tear-smirkers, explodes with addictive sing-along chic. Beautifully recorded tantrums, inappropriate outbursts, and tragicomic guru-noir lyrical ruins are unfailingly delivered with the rare passion and pathos that have made this band an inter-dimensional legend.