Solid Attitude - Bb Gun Picnic LP

$ 14.00

SOLID ATTITUDE knocked some seemingly stuck-on socks off some pretty stinky feet with their first single on Rotted Tooth and here they are 18 months later laying their first LP on us. Some bands only got one good single in 'em. Not these dudes. They got one great single in 'em and a whole LPs worth of singles conveniently grouped together on this LP. Each one of these numbers would've made a good single (”Black Pocket” being the most community radio friendly of the bunch), therefore, this LP rules from the outer edge of Side A to the center label of Side B. It plays at 45 revolutions per minute, so some may call it an EP, but not me. In punk terms, this is a full-length record. Unlike far too many punk records, it's got songs on it that sound different from one another. Some cuts are full-on bruisers (ie. “Smoking Sheets”), while others take a more laid back approach to punk (ie. “Volume” and the aforementioned “Black Pocket”). These guys know how to name their songs too. “Disco Nap,””Shit Business (Pt. 1 & 2),” and “Punk Beer” are all titles that sound like they're names and that simple fact speaks volumes about how great this record is. If you like your punk snotty, mid-fi, and subtly melodic, then you need to get a bag lunch together and join in on this B.B. Gun Picnic before the ants run away with all the goodies. Pressing stats are erroneous as there certainly aren't enough to go around. You may not recognize the artwork as a Rotted Tooth release, but this thing's got Rotted Tooth written all over it (figuratively). (Literally) Rotted Tooth is only written on this thing in two places (see bottom quarter of jacket backside). And you should know by now that anything with Rotted Tooth written on it is rad. If you don't dig rad records, don't buy this one. If you do, I'll see you in hell.