Snooty Garbagemen - s/t LP

$ 17.00

You might be familiar with guitarist TOM TRIPLETT from such groups including but not limited to THE REAL ENERGY, NO TALK, HAMMATSU, TOM & THE KROGER SUSHI RIVER BAND and the HOMOPOLICE. In more recent times, perhaps you've stood, jaw agape, stunned by Tom's performances and recordings with OBN III's or BLAXXX. Now, in the summer of 2015, Tom emerges from the shadows of those acclaimed projects, preparing to cast a huge shadow on HIS NEXT BAND. Tom is accompanied by drummer JOSH WOLFf (SECRET PROSTITUTES, SICK ABUSE, CRIME WAVE, The Real Energy, BLOODY HAMMER, LYSOL S. S., and many, many more) and bassist MANIE CHEN (TITAN BLOOD).